VGIS Software Release Page

VGIS is a research project of the Data Visualization Group in the GVU Center at Georgia Tech. Please go to our VGIS page for details.

VGIS alpha 2.0 Release -- new 2/02/01

VGIS alpha 2.0 is now available for limited release to our partner universities. The VGIS system has documentation available on its use. Note that the documentation is also included in the release. The documentation is still local-centric, that is, it mentions disks, etc. that are local to Georgia Tech, but we're working on fixing that. To build VGIS, start with this README. It is an updated version of the README you'll find in the release. You'll need a sample data set to get started. It's rather small by dataset standards, 53M zipped, but we're working on releasing something more detailed.

The VGIS software release has been tested and run on Windows NT and SGI Irix 6.5 platforms. As the README above indicates, a high-end graphics card is needed for good performance under NT.

The release contains communication libraries developed under the ECho project at Georgia Tech. As with the VGIS software, the ECho libraries are for research use only.

Please mail the VGIS group for instructions on downloading the source and data sets.


Example Images (1024 x 768)

Click on images to view them at full resolution

Global view (8 km resolution)

Eastern United States (1 km resolution)

Georgia (100 meter resolution)

Metro Atlanta (10 meter resolution)

Downtown Atlanta (2 meter resolution)

Georgia Tech (0.5 meter resolution)

Continuous level of detail triangulation

Phototextured terrain

Gouraud shaded terrain

Military unit symbology

3D Navigation

GIS query

Animated tanks

Visualization of dynamic quadtree