Scientific Visualization Laboratory
Seminar Schedule TBD

Isosurface image of a human brain using MRI data produced with Open Visualization Data Explorer. This image was very simple to produce using an interface which requires no programming skills.

  Intro to Medical Image Processing

Using standard visualization tools to import medical image data and construct 3-D visualizations.

  Transfering Animation to Video

You have an animation file (AVI, MPEG, etc.) and wish to transfer it to videotape. In this seminar, you will learn how to use the SciVis facilities to do that.

  Visualization of GIS data

In this seminar, we will visualize some standard GIS formats using tools available in the SciVis lab. These are Scientific Visualization tools (e.g. AVS/Express) rather than pure GIS tools (e.g. Arc/INFO).

  Intro to OpenGL

  Time Series Analysis & Visualization

  CFD Visualization

This seminar will specifically use FAST (NASA’s Flow Analysis Software Toolkit) and NAG’s IRIS Explorer (a commercial package). To visualize Computational Fluid Dynamics data.

  Neuronal Dynamics Simulation & Visualization

Computer simulation of neurons, and visualization of the resulting time series data.

Software installed in the SciVis lab: NAG IRIS Explorer 4.0 (visualization), OpenDX 4.0.5 (formerly IBM Data Explorer, visualization), IDL 5.3 (vis, image processing), AVS/Express 5.0 (visualization), PV-WAVE 7.0 (visualization), Alias|Wavefront (A|W) Maya 2.5 (3D animation), A|W Studio 9.0 (3d modeling), A|W Composer 5.5 (video compositing), Mathematica 3.0, Matlab 5.3.0, FAST 1.3, vtk 2.3