The Scientific Visualization Laboratory provides solutions to your problems!

The Scientific SciVis Lab provides the following services to its customers:

Use of advanced visualization facilities

The high performance graphical workstations at the SciVis Lab are available for users that want to perform visualization tasks which exceed the capacity of their local systems. The workstations have plenty of memory and disk space and special graphical hardware that makes it possible to do rapid 3D object manipulation. Typical applications that make use of these advanced workstations are: Scientific Visualization, Image Processing, Simulation and Virtual Reality.

There are experts present who can help the users with their visualization.


Because of our long experience with all kinds of visualization hard- and software we can advise scientists about the best solutions for their visualization problems. Together with the scientist we can examine the demands, needs and wishes (s)he has and try to find the best possible solution.

Courses and workshops

Visualization is becoming more and more a standard tool for scientists. These scientists are in most cases not very acquainted with Computer Graphics which is an essential part of Scientific Visualization. Therefore, the SciVis Lab provides many courses and seminars on how to use visualization software.

We treat the following subjects, among others: colorsystems, graphical file formats, data structures, graphical hardware, visualization tools, visualization software and output devices.

Most of the available visualization packages are very broad and rich of features. For a user it is difficult to select the proper visualization package that meets his needs. Scientists can get hands on experience with the most popular visualization packages at one of the workshops organised by the SciVis Lab. These workshops are held in the lab.. Each workshop is focused on one specific visualization package, such as:

For user groups with special visualization wishes the SciVis Lab can give custom tailored courses that are focussed on the specific interests of the group.

Campus license for visualization software

Because of the large number of customers the SciVis Lab can obtain interesting reductions in license fees. The SciVis Lab may provide support and training for the users that have license through the campus license program.

Participation in projects

Visualization is an important aspect of scientific research. It needs specialized hard- and software and expertise which is not present in every research group. The SciVis Lab can supply these and in this way participate in the research project. Examples of participation in research projects are: fluid flow with test particles, and an interactive visualizer.

Output services

The SciVis Lab offers a broad set of output services to customers with visualization projects.

Video service
The SciVis Lab can record computer generated animations directly onto an advanced system. After this the animations can be edited, video effects and texts can be added and the resulting video production can be recorded on video tape (VHS or U-matic).
Full color print service
An HP color printer is available for limited use by SciVis users. Only visualization related printouts are allowed. The LaserJet prints on 8 1/2 by 11 paper and transparancies.
Special services
Besides these standard services the SciVis Lab also provides special services such as: video grabbing and shooting images to photo negative for making photographs or posters of your images.