a3ds2flt (1) - converts 3D-Studio (.3ds) files to OpenFlight (.flt) format
abicc (1) - ABI C compiler
acroread (1) - Adobe Acrobat Reader
aedimage (1) - RADIANCE driver for AED 512 color graphics terminal
aifc2aiff (1) - convert an AIFF-C file to an AIFF file
aifccompress (1) - compress the audio data in an AIFF-C file
aifcdecompress (1) - decompress the audio data in an AIFF-C file
aifcinfo (1) - describes contents of AIFF-C or AIFF file
aifcresample (1) - perform sampling rate conversion on an AIFF-C file
aiff2aifc (1) - convert an AIFF file to an AIFF-C file
alias2flt (1) - convert Alias wire files to OpenFlight (.flt) format
AliasToIv (1) - convert an Alias wire file to Open Inventor 2.0 format
anytopnm (1) - attempt to convert an unknown type of image file to a portable anymap
appletviewer, jar, java, javac, javadoc, javah, javakey, javap, jdb (1) - Java Execution and Development Environments
applymap (1) - Apply the color map in an RLE file to the pixel data
arch2rad (1) - convert Architrion text file to RADIANCE description
arp (1M) - address resolution display and control
asciitopgm (1) - convert ASCII graphics into a portable graymap
athenaps, motifps (1) - display utilities for Mathematica under the X Window System
atktopbm (1) - convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to portable bitmap
ator (1) - Alias to RenderMan (wirefile to RIB) converter.
auconvert (1) - perform various conversion operations on sound files
auctl (1) - control various audio server parameters
audemo (1) - Network Audio System record and play demo
audial (1) - generate or recognize touch tones for North American telephones
audio (1) - Introduction to audio facilities
audiocompose (1) - Compose an audio fragment for inclusion in a mail message
audiopanel (1) - control panel for Audio Hardware: input and output levels, rates and sources
audiosend (1) - Send an audio email message
audiostate (1) - simple audio hardware state display tool
auedit (1) - graphically record and edit audio files
auinfo (1) - show information about a Network Audio System server
aupanel (1) - allows user adjustment of Network Audio System device attributes
auphone (1) - a simple telephone client
auplay (1) - play a sound file to a Network Audio System server
aurecord (1) - record a sound file from a Network Audio System server
auscope (1) - Network Audio System Protocol Filter
auserver (1) - Network Audio System server
autool (1) - audio play/record tool compatible with audiotool
auwave (1) - demonstrates the use of waveforms
avg4 (1) - Downfilter an image by simple averaging.
backtrace (1D) - Caustics demo in OpenGL
bdftopcf (1) - convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
bibtex (1) - make a bibliography for (La)TeX
BibTool (1) - BibTeX file manipulation tool
bioradtopgm (1) - convert a Biorad confocal file into a portable graymap
bison (1) - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
bitmap, bmtoa, atobm (1) - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
bktdspy (1) - display bucket file using PhotoRealistic RenderMan display service
BlendAlphaImg (1EXP)
BlendImg (1EXP)
BlurImg (1EXP)
bmptoppm (1) - convert a BMP file into a portable pixmap
BoundBox (1EXP)
BoundBoxPyr (1EXP)
brushtopbm (1) - convert a doodle brush file into a portable bitmap
capture (1) - record movies, images, or sounds
catrib (1) - read and, possibly, convert a RIB file
cb (1) - C program beautifier
cbizcard (1) - electronic business card for a user
CC (1) - C++ compiler
cc, c89 (1) - MIPS and MIPSpro C compiler
cccp, cpp (1) - The GNU C-Compatible Compiler Preprocessor.
cdman (1) - play audio CD in CD-ROM drive through audio hardware datman (1) - play and record audio tapes in DAT drive
cdplayer (1) - play audio CDs on a CD-ROM drive
cl_mpeg1 (3dm) - MPEG-1 schemes in the Compression Library
cmidi (1M) - graphical user interface for midi port setup
cmstaggif (1) - associate an ICC device profile with a GIF image
cmstaggif (1) - associate an ICC device profile with an SGI image
cmstagtiff (1) - associate an ICC device profile with a TIFF image
cmuwmtopbm (1) - convert a CMU window manager bitmap into a portable bitmap
cocogif (1) - color correct a GIF stream
cocostiff (1) - color correct a TIFF stream
ColorEditor (1EXP)
colorview (1) - display list of X11 colors and show selected color
ColorXform (1EXP)
cosmocode (1) - Environment for developing and debugging Java programs
cosmocreate (1) - WYSIWYG HTML authoring tool
cosmoplayer (1) - Netscape Plugin that allows you to view VRML files
cpp (1) - the C language preprocessor
cvd (1) - The WorkShop Debugger
cv_gl_controller (1) - service program for gldebug
dayfact (1) - compute illuminance and daylight factor on workplane
dviconcat (1) - concatenate DVI files
dvips (1) - convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
dvirle (1) - convert dvi version 2 files, produced by TeX82, to RLE images
dviselect (1) - extract pages from DVI files
dvitype (1) - translate a dvi file for humans
dx (1V) - start one or both of the Data Explorer user interface (dxui) the executive (dxexec) or the Data Prompter or the Module Builder.
dxf2flt (1) - converts AutoCAD (.dxf) files to OpenFlight (.flt) format
DxfToIv (1) - converts an Autodesk Data Exchange File format (.DXF) file to Open Inventor 2.0 format
enscript (1) - convert text files to PostScript
etex (1) - extended plain TeX
f2p (1) - translates fig output into pic language
f2ps (1) - Fig to Postscript translator
f77, fort77 (1) - MIPS and MIPSpro F77 compiler
f90 (1) - MIPSpro F90 compiler
falsecolor (1) - make a false color RADIANCE picture
fant (1) - perform simple spatial transforms on an image
findglare (1) - locate glare sources in a RADIANCE scene
findvis (1G) - list OpenGL-capable Visuals meeting selection criteria
fitstopnm (1) - convert a FITS file into a portable anymap
flt2dxf (1) - converts OpenFlight (.flt) files to AutoCAD (.dxf) format
flt2iv (1) - converts OpenFlight (.flt) files to Open Inventor (.iv) files.
fontview (1) - Display PostScript font viewer
g++ (1) - GNU project C++ Compiler
g3topbm (1) - convert a Group 3 fax file into a portable bitmap
gcc (1) - GNU project C and Ada Compiler (v2.7.0)
gcc, g++ (1) - GNU project C and C++ Compiler (v2.7)
gcomp (1) - do computations on a graph file.
gdb (1) - The GNU Debugger
gemtopbm (1) - convert a GEM .img file into a portable bitmap
genbox (1) - generate a RADIANCE description of a box
genprism (1) - generate a RADIANCE description of a prism
genrev (1) - generate a RADIANCE description of surface of revolution
gensky (1) - generate a RADIANCE description of the sky
gensurf (1) - generate a RADIANCE description of a curved surface
genworm (1) - generate a RADIANCE description of a functional worm
get4d (1) - get RLE images to a Silicon Graphics Iris/4D display
getbbox (1) - compute bounding box for RADIANCE scene
getx11 (1) - get RLE images to an X11 display
gfxinfo (1G) - display graphics subsystems information
ggd (1M) - rate-guarantee-granting daemon
ghostview (1) - View PostScript documents using ghostscript
giftopnm (1) - convert a GIF file into a portable anymap
giftorle (1) - Convert GIF images to RLE format
glare (1) - perform glare and visual comfort calculations
glarendx (1) - calculate glare index
gldebug (1) - debug utility for GL programs
glp, PrintPanel (1) - graphical lp printing command
GLXINFO (1G) - display info about a GLX extension and OpenGL renderer
gmake (1L) - GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
gnuplot (1) - an interactive plotting program
gouldtoppm (1) - convert Gould scanner file into a portable pixmap
grap (1) - pic preprocessor for drawing graphs
graytorle (1) - Merges gray scale images into an RLE format file.
gs (1) - Aladdin Ghostscript interpreter/previewer
gview (1) - graph viewer for Inventor 3d databases
hinv (1M) - hardware inventory command
hipstopgm (1) - convert a HIPS file into a portable graymap
IconSmith (1) - an interactive tool for editing polygon-based icons
icontopbm (1) - convert a Sun icon into a portable bitmap
ies2rad (1) - convert IES luminaire data to RADIANCE description
igraph (1) - interactive graphing program
ilbmtoppm (1) - convert an ILBM file into a portable pixmap
ilImgStat (3) - computes 1-D histogram, min, max, mean and standard deviation of an image
ILmonitor (1) - monitoring applications that use the ImageVision Library
ilptops (1) - convert a text file into a PostScript file
imadjust (1IM) - adjusts pixel values in an image
image2vrml (1) - convert an image file into a VRML ImageTexture and indexed face set
imagew (1) - output metafile to Apple Imagewriter
imcat (1IM) - Concatenates multiple image files into a single image file
imcltroll (1IM) - Roll color lookup table by a number of entries
imcomp (1IM) - composite two images together
imconv (1IM) - Convert between image file formats
imcopy (1IM) - Copy a portion of an image to a new file
imdissolve (1IM) - Dissolve any field between two images and store in a new file
imfile (1IM) - Discerns the image format of a file or files
imfill (1IM) - fills pixels in part or all of an image
imflip (1IM) - Flip images vertically or horizontally and store in a new file
imformats (1IM) - List information on image file formats
imgcopy (1) - copy and convert image file
imged (1G) - small image editor
imgformats (1) - list supported image file formats
imginfo (1) - obtain information about image files
imglab (1) - Universal image processing tool
imgray (1IM) - Convert an image to grayscale
imgtoppm (1) - convert an Img-whatnot file into a portable pixmap
imgview (1) - displays image files
imgworks (1) - visual tool for enhancing image files
imhist (1IM) - compute a histogram of an image
imkey (1IM) - keys a foreground image over a background image
imlighten (1IM) - Lighten or darken an image
immono (1IM) - Convert an image to monochrome
impaste (1IM) - Paste an image atop a background and store in a new file
impress (1) - convert metafile to imPress language for imagen
imroll (1IM) - Rolls images vertically and/or horizontally
imrotate (1IM) - rotate an image
imscale (1IM) - Scales an image up or down and saves it in a new file
imshear (1IM) - shear an image
imsplit (1IM) - Splits a multi-image file into separate files
imstoryboard (1IM) - Paste images together to create a storyboard
initex (1) - initial TeX for making format (.fmt) files
inpcontrol (1) - InPerson control tool
inperson (1) - InPerson desktop conferencing for SGI workstations
intro_fltcnv (1) - introduction to format converters between various 3D graphics formats and OpenFlight format
Inventor (1) - a toolkit for writing 3d programs
IRIS Explorer (1) - the IRIS Explorer Map Editor
issndfile (1) - checks if a file is in a recognized audio file format
iv2flt (1) - converts Open Inventor (.iv) files to OpenFlight (.flt) format
iv2toiv1 (1) - converts Inventor 2.0 files to the Inventor 1.0 format
ivcat (1) - concatenates and converts Inventor files
ivdowngrade (1) - converts Inventor 2.1 files to the Inventor 2.0 and 1.0 formats
ivfix (1) - restructures an Inventor object for improved rendering performance
ivinfo (1) - Prints information about Inventor files
IvToRib (1) - convert an Open Inventor 2.0 file to a Renderman .rib file
ivToVRML (1) - convert Inventor files to VRML
ivview (1) - fast, interactive 3D viewer of Inventor files
lampcolor (1) - compute spectral radiance for diffuse emitter
lamstex (1) - structured text formatting and typesetting
latex (1) - structured text formatting and typesetting
lispmtopgm (1) - convert a Lisp Machine bitmap file into pgm format
makemap (1G) - store colors into the gl color map
makemovie (1) - make a movie from movie, image, and audio files
math (1) - Mathematica kernel
mathematica (1) - Mathematica system for X
matlab (1L) - script file for invoking MATLAB
mbuilder (1) - The IRIS Explorer Module Builder
mcc (1) - MathLink template file compiler
meta2tga (1) - convert metafile to Targa image format
metamail (1) - infrastructure for mailcap-based multimedia mail handling
metasend (1) - Crude interface for sending non-text mail
mex (1L) - builds a MATLAB MEX-file from C and/or Fortran sources
mgattrhdr (1MG) - mgattrhdr reads, and modifies an Texture attribute file.
mgflt2ded (1MG) - mgflt2ded populates a pre-existing ded file with the elevation data from a flt formatted file.
mggenmipmaps (1MG) - mggenmipmaps generates mipmaps levels for a mosaic'ed image.
mgmosaic (1MG) - mgmosaic creates a Tiled Texture or a Clip Tex- ture from a set of ortho-rectified images.
mgrtopbm (1) - convert a MGR bitmap into a portable bitmap
midikeys (1) - 3D graphical MIDI keyboard controller
midisynth (1) - MIDI sound synthesizer server
mimencode (1) - Translate to and from mail-oriented encoding formats
mkillum (1) - compute illum sources for a RADIANCE scene
moviemaker (1) - interactive editor for movie files
movieplayer (1) - player for movie files
mp (1) - POSTSCRIPT pretty printer
mpeg_play (1) - plays mpeg-1 encoded bitstreams using X11
mtvtoppm (1) - convert output from the MTV or PRT ray tracers into a portable pixmap
NCC, DCC (1) - 32-bit Delta/C++ compiler
netrender (1) - render an image using one or more Network RenderMan render servers.
netscape (1) - The premier World Wide Web browser.
Network Audio System (1) - a portable, network-transparent audio system
noodle (1) - interactive 3d modeling program
normpat (1) - normalize RADIANCE pictures for use as patterns.
nrmcontrol (1) - Network RenderMan render server control program.
nrmserver (1) - Network RenderMan render server program.
obj2flt (1) - converts Wavefront (.obj) files to OpenFlight (.flt) format
ObjToIv (1) - convert a Wavefront .obj file to Open Inventor 2.0 format
objview (1) - view RADIANCE object(s)
OCC (1) - old (cfront-based) C++ compiler
oconv (1) - create an octree from a RADIANCE scene description
pbmlife (1) - apply Conway's rules of Life to a portable bitmap
pbmmake (1) - create a blank bitmap of a specified size
pbmmask (1) - create a mask bitmap from a regular bitmap
pbmreduce (1) - read a portable bitmap and reduce it N times
pbmtext (1) - render text into a bitmap
pbmto10x (1) - convert a portable bitmap into Gemini 10X printer graphics
pbmto4425 (1) - Display PBM images on an AT&T 4425 terminal
pbmtoascii (1) - convert a portable bitmap into ASCII graphics
pbmtoatk (1) - convert portable bitmap to Andrew Toolkit raster object
pbmtobg (1) - convert a portable bitmap into BitGraph graphics
pbmtocmuwm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a CMU window manager bitmap
pbmtoepsi (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an encapsulated PostScript style preview bitmap
pbmtoepson (1) - convert a portable bitmap into Epson printer graphics
pbmtog3 (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Group 3 fax file
pbmtogem (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a GEM .img file
pbmtogo (1) - convert a portable bitmap into compressed GraphOn graphics
pbmtoicon (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Sun icon
pbmtolj (1) - convert a portable bitmap into HP LaserJet format
pbmtoln03 (1) - convert protable bitmap to DEC LN03+ Sixel output
pbmtomacp (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a MacPaint file
pbmtomgr (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a MGR bitmap
pbmtopi3 (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an Atari Degas .pi3 file
pbmtopk (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a packed (PK) format font
pbmtoplot (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Unix plot(5) file
pbmtoptx (1) - convert a portable bitmap into Printronix printer graphics
pbmtox10bm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an X10 bitmap
pbmtoxbm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an X11 bitmap
pbmupc (1) - create a Universal Product Code bitmap
pc (1) - MIPS Pascal compiler
pca (1) - Power C Analyzer
pcomb (1) - combine RADIANCE pictures.
pcompos (1) - composite RADIANCE pictures.
pcxtoppm (1) - convert a PCX file into a portable pixmap
pdf2dsc (1) - generate a PS page list of a PDF document
pdf2ps (1) - Aladdin Ghostscript PDF to PostScript translator
perl (1) - Practical Extraction and Report Language
pextrem (1) - find minimum and maximum values in RADIANCE picture
pfa (1) - POWER FORTRAN Accelerator
pfa2pfb (1) - convert PostScript Type 1 font from ASCII to binary encoding
pfb2pfa (1) - convert PostScript Type 1 font from binary encoding to ASCII encoding
pfdLoadFont, pfdLoadFont_type1 (3pf) - Utilities for loading fonts into Performer applications
pfilt (1) - filter a RADIANCE picture
pflip (1) - flip a RADIANCE picture.
pgmbentley (1) - Bentleyize a portable graymap
pgmcrater (1) - create cratered terrain by fractal forgery
pgmedge (1) - edge-detect a portable graymap
pgmenhance (1) - edge-enhance a portable graymap
pgmhist (1) - print a histogram of the values in a portable graymap
pgmkernel (1) - generate a convolution kernel
pgmnoise (1) - create a graymap made up of white noise
pgmnorm (1) - normalize the contrast in a portable graymap
pgmoil (1) - turn a portable graymap into an oil painting
pgmramp (1) - generate a grayscale ramp
pgmtexture (1) - calculate textural features on a portable graymap
pgmtofs (1) - convert portable graymap to Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format
pgmtolispm (1) - convert a portable graymap into Lisp Machine format
pgmtopbm (1) - convert a portable graymap into a portable bitmap
pgmtoppm (1) - colorize a portable graymap into a portable pixmap
pgmtorle (1) - convert a pbmplus/pgm image file into an RLE image file.
pgmtoybm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Bennet Yee "face" file
pgp (1) - Pretty Good Privacy encryption system
pi1toppm (1) - convert an Atari Degas .pi1 into a portable pixmap
pi3topbm (1) - convert an Atari Degas .pi3 file into a portable bitmap
pic (1) - troff preprocessor for drawing simple pictures
picttoppm (1) - convert a Macintosh PICT file into a portable pixmap
pinterp (1) - interpolate/extrapolate view from pictures
pixdump (1) - print out the tables in SpeedShop instrumented executables
pjtoppm (1) - convert an HP PaintJet file to a portable pixmap
pktopbm (1) - convert packed (PK) format font into portable bitmap(s)
pktype (1) - translate a packed font file for humans to read
plaintov (1Vi) - convert image from Vista plain file format to Vista data file
playaifc, playaiff (1) - play an AIFF-C (or AIFF) audio sample file
plotin (1) - convert plot(5) to metafile(5) primitives
pltotf (1) - convert property list files to TeX font metric (tfm) format
pnmalias (1) - antialias a portable anyumap.
pnmarith (1) - perform arithmetic on two portable anymaps
pnmcat (1) - concatenate portable anymaps
pnmcomp (1) - composite two portable anymap files together
pnmconvol (1) - general MxN convolution on a portable anymap
pnmcrop (1) - crop a portable anymap
pnmcut (1) - cut a rectangle out of a portable anymap
pnmdepth (1) - change the maxval in a portable anymap
pnmenlarge (1) - read a portable anymap and enlarge it N times
pnmfile (1) - describe a portable anymap
pnmflip (1) - perform one or more flip operations on a portable anymap
pnmgamma (1) - perform gamma correction on a portable anymap
pnmhistmap (1) - draw a histogram for a PGM or PPM file
pnmindex (1) - build a visual index of a bunch of anymaps
pnminvert (1) - invert a portable anymap
pnmmargin (1) - add a border to a portable anymap
pnmnlfilt (1) - non-linear filters: smooth, alpha trim mean, optimal estimation smoothing, edge enhancement.
pnmnoraw (1) - force a portable anymap into plain format
pnmpaste (1) - paste a rectangle into a portable anymap
pnmrotate (1) - rotate a portable anymap by some angle
pnmscale (1) - scale a portable anymap
pnmshear (1) - shear a portable anymap by some angle
pnmsmooth (1) - smooth out an image
pnmtile (1) - replicate a portable anymap into a specified size
pnmtofits (1) - convert a portable anymap into FITS format
pnmtops (1) - convert portable anymap to PostScript
pnmtorast (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a Sun rasterfile
pnmtosgi (1) - convert a portable anymap to a SGI image file
pnmtosir (1) - convert a portable anymap into a Solitaire format
pnmtotiff (1) - convert a a portable anymap into a TIFF file
pnmtov (1Vi) - convert portable anymap (PNM) image to Vista data file
pnmtoxwd (1) - convert a portable anymap into an X11 window dump
portstat (1) - show status of open audio ports
ppm3d (1) - convert two portable pixmap into a red/blue 3d glasses pixmap
ppmbrighten (1) - change an images Saturation and Value from an HSV map
ppmchange (1) - change all pixels of one color to another in a portable pixmap
ppmdim (1) - dim a portable pixmap down to total blackness
ppmdist (1) - simplistic grayscale assignment for machine generated, color images
ppmdither (1) - ordered dither for color images
ppmflash (1) - brighten a picture up to complete white-out
ppmforge (1) - fractal forgeries of clouds, planets, and starry skies
ppmhist (1) - print a histogram of a portable pixmap
ppmmake (1) - create a pixmap of a specified size and color
ppmmix (1) - blend together two portable pixmaps
ppmnorm (1) - normalize the contrast in a portable pixmap
ppmntsc (1) - make a portable pixmap look like taken from an American TV
ppmpat (1) - make a pretty pixmap
ppmquant (1) - quantize the colors in a portable pixmap down to a specified number
ppmquantall (1) - run ppmquant on a bunch of files all at once, so they share a common colormap
ppmqvga (1) - 8 plane quantization
ppmrelief (1) - run a Laplacian relief filter on a portable pixmap
ppmshift (1) - shift lines of a portable pixmap left or right by a random amount
ppmspread (1) - displace a portable pixmap's pixels by a random amount
ppmtoacad (1) - convert portable pixmap to AutoCAD database or slide
ppmtobmp (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a BMP file
ppmtogif (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a GIF file
ppmtoicr (1) - convert a portable pixmap into NCSA ICR format
ppmtoilbm (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an ILBM file
ppmtomap (1) - extract all colors from a portable pixmap
ppmtomitsu (1) - convert a portable pixmap to a Mitsubishi S340-10 file
ppmtopcx (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a PCX file
ppmtopgm (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a portable graymap
ppmtopi1 (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an Atari Degas .pi1 file
ppmtopict (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a Macintosh PICT file
ppmtopj (1) - convert a portable pixmap to an HP PaintJet file
ppmtopjxl (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an HP PaintJet XL PCL file
ppmtopuzz (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an X11 "puzzle" file
ppmtorgb3 (1) - separate a portable pixmap into three portable graymaps
ppmtorle (1) - convert a PBMPLUS/ppm image file into an RLE image file.
ppmtosixel (1) - convert a portable pixmap into DEC sixel format
ppmtotga (1) - convert portable pixmap into a TrueVision Targa file
ppmtouil (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a Motif UIL icon file
ppmtoxpm (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an X11 pixmap
ppmtoyuv (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an Abekas YUV file
ppmtoyuvsplit (1) - convert a portable pixmap into 3 subsampled raw YUV files
preallocColors (1X) - preallocate colors to minimize desktop colormap flashing
prmanuse (1) - print list of current PhotoRealistic RenderMan users.
ps2ascii (1) - Aladdin Ghostscript PostScript or PDF to ASCII translator
ps2epsi (1) - generate conforming postscript
ps2fax (1M) - image PostScript for facsimile transmission
ps2pdf (1) - Aladdin Ghostscript PostScript to PDF translator
Psfig/TeX (1.10) (1) - PostScript figures in TeX
psidtopgm (1) - convert PostScript "image" data into a portable graymap
psign (1) - produce a RADIANCE picture from text.
psmeta (1) - convert metafile to PostScript
pspretty (1) - Postscript beautifier
psrender (1) - render Mathematica PostScript output
pstopnm (1) - convert a PostScript file into a portable anymap
pvalue (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from alternate formats
PVM (1PVM) - Parallel Virtual Machine System Version 3
qmorf (1) - 3d morphing program
qrttoppm (1) - convert output from the QRT ray tracer into a portable pixmap
rad (1) - render a RADAINCE scene
rawtopgm (1) - convert raw grayscale bytes into a portable graymap
rawtoppm (1) - convert raw RGB bytes into a portable pixmap
rawtorle (1) - Convert raw image data to RLE.
ra_bn (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Barneyscan image
ra_pict (1) - convert Radiance pictures to Macintosh PICT files
ra_pixar (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from PIXAR picture
ra_ppm (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from a Poskanzer Portable Pixmap
ra_pr (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from pixrect rasterfile
ra_pr24 (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from 24-bit rasterfile
ra_ps (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to a PostScript ASCII file
ra_rgbe (1) - change run-length encoding of a RADIANCE picture
ra_t16 (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 16 or 24-bit image file
ra_t8 (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 8-bit image file
ra_tiff (1) - convert RADIANCE picture to/from a TIFF color or greyscale image
rbview (1) - simple audio queue debugging tool
render (1) - render an image
replmarks (1) - replace triangular markers in a RADIANCE scene description
repos (1) - reposition an RLE image
revo (1) - creates revolved 3d surfaces
rgb (1) - convert a rgb spec file to ndbm files
rgb3toppm (1) - combine three portable graymaps into one portable pixmap
richtext (1) - View a richtext document, typically a mail message
rlatorle (1) - convert a Wavefront "rla" or "rlb" image file into an RLE image file.
rleaddcom (1) - add picture comments to an RLE file.
rleaddeof (1) - Put an end of image marker on an RLE file.
rlebg (1) - generate simple backgrounds
rlebox (1) - print bounding box for image in an RLE file.
rlecat (1) - concatenate and repeat images.
rleccube (1) - Make a picture of a color cube.
rleClock (1) - Generate a clock face in RLE format
rlecomp (1) - Digital image compositor
rledither (1) - Floyd Steinberg dither an image to the given colors.
rleflip (1) - Invert, reflect or rotate an image.
rlegrid (1) - create grids and checkerboards in rle format
rlehdr (1) - Prints the header of an RLE file
rlehisto (1) - generate histogram of RLE image.
rleldmap (1) - Load a new color map into an RLE file
rlemandl (1) - Compute images of the Mandelbrot set.
rlenoise (1) - Add random noise to an image
rlepatch (1) - patch smaller RLE files over a larger image.
rleprint (1) - Print the values of all the pixels in the file.
rlequant (1) - variance based color quantization for RLE images
rlescale (1) - produce gray scale images.
rleselect (1) - Select images from an RLE file.
rlesetbg (1) - Set the background value in the RLE header.
rlespiff (1) - Use simple contrast enhancement to "spiff up" an image.
rlesplice (1) - Splice two RLE files together horizontally or vertically.
rlesplit (1) - split a file of concatenated RLE images into separate image files
rlestereo (1) - produce anaglyph from stereo pair
rleswap (1) - swap the channels in an RLE file.
rletoabA60 (1) - convert RLE images to Abekas yuv format
rletoabA62 (1) - Convert from RLE Format to Abekas A62 Dump Format
rletoascii (1) - Print an RLE image as ASCII chars.
rletogif (1) - Convert RLE files to GIF format.
rletogray (1) - Splits an RLE format file into gray scale images.
rletopaint (1) - convert an RLE file to MacPaint format using dithering
rletoppm (1) - convert a Utah RLE image file into a PBMPLUS/ppm image file.
rletops (1) - Convert RLE images to PostScript
rletoraw (1) - Convert RLE file to raw RGB form.
rletorla (1) - convert a Utah RLE image file into a Wavefront "rla" or "rlb" image file.
rletotiff (1) - Convert 24 bit RLE image files to TIFF.
rlezoom (1) - Magnify an RLE file by pixel replication.
rpict (1) - generate a RADIANCE picture
rpiece (1) - render pieces of a RADIANCE picture
rtrace (1) - trace rays in RADIANCE scene
rview (1) - generate RADIANCE images interactively
SceneViewer (1) - 3d editor and viewer for Inventor scenes
schemebr (1) - customize color schemes
sfconvert (1) - convert soundfiles
sfinfo (1) - display soundfile information
sfkeywords (1) - soundfile keywords used in sfinfo, sfplay, and sfconvert
sfplay (1) - play soundfile
sgi2fax (1) - convert a Silicon Graphics image file for facsimile transmission
sgitopnm (1) - convert a SGI image file to a portable anymap
sho (1) - display an image from any image file format
showaudio (1) - Play an audio email message
showcase (1) - Basic drawing and presentation tool
showpicture (1) - View an image received in the mail
showps (1) - Adobe Systems PostScript language document previewer.
sirtopnm (1) - convert a Solitaire file into a portable anymap
SlaToIv (1) - convert an SLA format file into an Open Inventor 2.0 file.
slitex (1) - make LaTeX slides
soundeditor (1) - digital audio recorder/editor
soundplayer (1) - sound playback application
soundtoh (1) - convert a sound file to a C language header file
sox (1) - SOund eXchange - universal sound sample translator
spctoppm (1) - convert an Atari compressed Spectrum file into a portable pixmap
SpeedShop (1) - an integrated package of performance tools
spottopgm (1L) - convert SPOT satellite images to Portable Greymap format
sputoppm (1) - convert an Atari uncompressed Spectrum file into a portable pixmap
targatorle (1) - Convert Truevision TARGA images to RLE format.
tex, virtex (1) - text formatting and typesetting
TEXCHK (1) - syntax checker for LaTeX.
texspell (1) - finds spelling errors in TeX documents. texproofr (1) - runs proofr on TeX's documents.
textomatic (1) - interactive program for creating 3d text
tgatoppm (1) - convert TrueVision Targa file into a portable pixmap
tgrind (1) - grind nice program listings using TeX
thf2rad (1) - convert GDS things file to RADIANCE description
tiffdiff (1) - display TIFF file differences using Photo- Realistic RenderMan display service
tiffdiff (1) - display TIFF file differences using PhotoRealistic RenderMan display service
tiffdspy (1) - display a TIFF file using PhotoRealistic RenderMan display service
tiffdump (1) - print verbatim information about TIFF files
tiffinfo (1) - print information about TIFF files
tiffjoin (1) - combine TIFF images.
tiffsize (1) - resize TIFF image.
tifftopnm (1) - convert a TIFF file into a portable anymap
tifftorle (1) - Convert TIFF image files to RLE.
ttyimage (1) - RADIANCE driver for dumb ASCII terminal
txdspy (1) - display texture data
txinfo (1) - output descriptive information about tex- ture file
txinfo (1) - output descriptive information about texture file
txmake (1) - convert image file into texture file
v1to2 (1Vi) - convert Vista data files from V1 to V2
vadjust (1Vi) - adjust image brightness and contrast
vat (1) - remote audio conferencing tool
vblur (1Vi) - degrade an image
vcanny (1Vi) - detect edges in an image using a Canny operator
vcat (1Vi) - concatenate Vista data files
vcatbands (1Vi) - concatenate image bands into a single image
vcomplex (1Vi) - build a complex image from real and imaginary components
vconvert (1Vi) - convert an image's pixel representation
vconvolve (1Vi) - convolve or cross-correlate a pair of images
vcrop (1Vi) - crop an image
vfft (1Vi) - compute the Fourier transform of an image
vflip (1Vi) - flip an image horizontally and/or vertically
vflow (1Vi) - compute optical flow
vftovp (1) - convert virtual font (vf) files to virtual property lists
vgaimage (1) - RADIANCE picture display program for VGA
vgauss (1Vi) - convolve an image with a Gaussian filter or its derivative
vgrad (1Vi) - estimate image gradient components
vgrind (1) - print nice-looking listings of programs
vic (1) - video conference
videoin (1) - Video Library video-in-a-window tool
videoout (1) - Video Library video output from screen tool
videopanel, vcp (1) - Video Library control panel tool
videoView (1M) - System Video Processor Information (1M) - allow viewing of static video processor information
vidtomem (1) - Video Library capture single frame tool
viewres (1) - graphical class browser for Xt
vintovout (1) - Video Library video output from video input tool
vinvert (1Vi) - invert image pixel values
virtex (1) - virgin TeX for production typesetting
vistat (1Vi) - report image statistics
vlayout (1Vi) - arrange several Encapsulated PostScript documents on a page
vlcmd (1) - Video Library command line interface
vlicmd (1) - interactive command shell for VideoLab
vlinfo (1) - Video Library path, node and control info tool
vlink (1Vi) - link connected non-zero image pixels to form edges
vlipanel (1) - graphical user interface for VideoLab
vmag (1Vi) - compute the magnitude of a complex image
vnegate (1Vi) - negate image pixel values
vo1_input (1) - invokes the test for the input buffer memory on the VideoLab board
vo1_output (1) - invokes the test for the output buffer memory on the VO1 board
vop (1Vi) - perform arithmetic or logical pixel operation
vout (1V) - composite video output control panel
vpdc (1Vi) - compile a Vista parameter definition file
vphase (1Vi) - compute the phase of a complex image
vptovf (1) - convert virtual property lists to virtual font metrics
vrgbtogray (1Vi) - convert an RGB color image to gray-scale
vrmllint (1) - VRML validity checker
vrotate (1Vi) - rotate an image
vscale (1Vi) - scale the dimensions of image and edge sets
vsegedges (1Vi) - segment edges into straight lines
vselbands (1Vi) - select bands from an image
vselect (1Vi) - select objects from a Vista data file
vsynth (1Vi) - synthesize an image
vtopgm (1Vi) - convert image from Vista data file to portable graymap
vtops (1Vi) - render image and edge sets using PostScript
vtranspose (1Vi) - transpose the rows and columns of an image
vxview (1Vi) - display Vista data files
vzeroc (1Vi) - mark zero crossings in an image
weave (1) - translate WEB to TeX
webclone (1) - clone portions of the World Wide Web
webjumper (1) - tool to make jumpsite icons for the World Wide Web
webspace (1) - 3D Viewer for the World Wide Web
wonderland (1) - explore the wonders of Display PostScript rendering
xanim (1) - multiformat animation viewer for X
xbmtopbm (1) - convert an X11 or X10 bitmap into a portable bitmap
xdpr (1) - dump an X window directly to a printer
xdvi (1) - DVI Previewer for the X Window System
xepsf (1) - display an Encapsulated PostScript file
xfig (1) - Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under X11
xform (1) - transform a RADIANCE scene description
xfpixmap (1) - a small icon editor for Xpm 3 files
xglaresrc (1) - dislpay glare sources under X11
ximage (1) - RADIANCE driver for X window system
ximtoppm (1) - convert an Xim file into a portable pixmap
xloadimage, xsetbg, xview (1) - load images into an X11 window or onto the root window
xmag (1) - magnify parts of the screen
xpmtoppm (1) - convert an X11 pixmap into a portable pixmap
xwdtopnm (1) - convert a X11 or X10 window dump file into a portable anymap
zeisstopnm (1) - convert a Zeiss confocal file into a portable anymap