Software engineering, Programming languages, Analysis, Reasoning, and Compilers Research







Academic Faculty:

Richard A. DeMillo, The John P. Imlay Jr. Dean of Computing, Distinguished Professor of Computing
(Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Software engineering.

Peter A. Freeman, Founding and former Dean of the College of Computing and Professor; Assistant Director of the NSF for CISE
(Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon)
Software engineering.

Mary Jean Harrold, Professor
(Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)
Program analysis, testing, software engineering.

Pete Manolios, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin)
Formal Methods, Distributed Computing, Programming Languages, and Security.

Alex Orso, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Software Engineering, Software Reliability and Trustworthiness, Security of Web Applications.

Santosh Pande, Associate Professor
(Ph.D., North Carolina State University)
Compilers, embedded systems.

Olin Shivers, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon)
Advanced programming languages (such as Scheme and ML), systems, and personal user interfaces.

Yannis Smaragdakis, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin)
Programming languages, software engineering, operating systems.

Research Faculty:

W. Michael McCracken, Director, CIMR
(M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Software engineering.

Spencer Rugaber, Senior Research Scientist
(Ph.D., Yale University)
Reverse engineering, program comprehension, re-engineering, user interface migration, model-based user interfaces.

Research Scientists:


Della Phinisee
Administrative Assistant

Ph.D. Students:

Fernando Alegre
(M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Compiler optimization, automated analysis, programming languages

Saswat Anand
(M.S., National University of Singapore)
Event based optimizations

Taweesup Apiwattanapong
(B.Eng., King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang)
Software engineering.

Jim Bowring
(B.S., College of Charleston)
Software engineering.

Christoph Csallner
(Dipl.-Inf., Universität Stuttgart)
Programmer productivity.

Peter Dillinger
(M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Automated and semi-automated analysis, transformation, and verification of software systems, including software models of other kinds of systems.

David Fisher
(B.S., University of California at Berkeley)
Programming language semantics, type theory, functional programming

William G.J. Halfond
(M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Security and Software Engineering

Shan Shan Huang
Meta-programming languages that statically guarantee wellformedness of generated programs. Tools to build domain specific languages/program generators to automate software engineering tasks.

Chad Huneycutt
(B.S., Furman University)
Dynamic optimization/specialization.

Jim Jones
(B.S., Ohio State University)
Test suite maintenance, fault localization, software visualization.

Brian McNamara
(B.EE., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Programming languages.

Matthew Might
(M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Static analyses and optimizations; compiler correctness.

Heather Richter
(B.S., Michigan State University)
Software engineering, human-computer interaction, visualizaation.

Arjan Seesing
(B.S. Technical University Delft)
Dynamic and Efficient Java Byte Code Instrumentation

Lex Spoon
(B.S., Clemson University)
Program understanding, software engineering.

Sudarshan Srinivasan
(M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Formal Methods.

Eli Tilevich
(M.S., New York University)
Programming languages, software engineering.

Daron Vroon
(B.S., Hope College)
Formal Methods, Foundations of Mathematics, Programming Languages, and Security.

Kun Zhang
Power-aware compilation

Tao Zhang
Compiler optimizations for Tamper-resistance and Privacy.

Yi Zhang
(B.S., Peking University)
Software engineering, program analysis, moblie-code security.

Xiaotong Zhuang
Compiler optimizations for Network and DSP Processors.

David A. Zook
(M.S., Johns Hopkins University)
Designing Domain-specific (or otherwise restricted) Programming Languages to efficiently generate provably reliable software; and 2) Complexity for its own sake.

David Zurow
(B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Garbage collection, architecture, compilers, programming languages.

Master Students:

Ryan Collins
(B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
JIT Optimizations for Java.

Jonathan Gdalevich
(B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Software engineering, constraint systems, software development process, HCI, networking, testing.

Zachary Ross
(B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Enterprise Computing(J2EE), Distributed Systems, and Programming Languages.

Stevie Strickland
(B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology)
Programming languages (particular interest in functional PLs), type theory, compilers, operating systems.

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