The Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community: Your Home Away from Home

Staff at the College of Computing

Are you considering life at the College of Computing? We’re here to provide you with support.

The mission of the Office of Outreach, Enrollment and Community (OEC) is to create a sustainable pipeline of Computer Science talent from elementary school through alumni.

The office works towards this goal through the areas of emphasis found in our name: outreach, enrollment and community. From career fairs to mentorship programs, from student organizations to community building, the OEC will help you find your home and your path in the College of Computing. Pay a visit to the OEC and you’ll see the GT Computing family in action.

Cedric Stallworth
Assistant Dean for Outreach, Enrollment and Community
CCB Office 356

Chanteal Edwards
Academic Program Coordinator for Outreach
CCB Office 361

Alyshia Jackson
Administrative Professional
CCB Office 349

Megan Michel
Event Coordinator for Career Services
CCB Office 362

Alicia Palmquist
Event Coordinator for Career Services
CCB Office 353 

Troy Peace
Director of Community
CCB Office 306

Christen Steele
Director of Career Services
CCB Office 350

Kristi Walker
Career Advisor, OMSCS
CCB Office 348

Jennifer Whitlow
Director of Computing Enrollment
CCB Office 351

Tamar Wilkins​
Program Coordinator for Computing Enrollment
CCB Office 352