arch-beer: Fall 2008 schedule

When: Thursdays 12.30 PM -2:00 PM
Where: Klaus 1116 E.
BYO-lunch, soda+cookies provided
Date Presenter Topic (Title of the Paper for Discussion)
Aug 21 Intro to Arch-Beer Sign-up for presentations
Aug 28 Janghaeng Lee Roman Lysecky, "Low-Power Warp Processor for Power Efficient
High-Performance Embedded Systems",DATE'07
Sep 4 Ioannis P. Montesinos et al.,"DeLorean: Recording and Deterministically
Replaying Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Execution Efficiently",ISCA'08
Sep 11 Yuejian X. Liang et al., "ReVIVaL: Variation Tolerant Architecture Using
Voltage Interpolation and Variable Latency", ISCA'08
Sep 18 Aemen Lodhi E. Ipek et al., "Self Optimizing Memory Controllers: A Reinforcement
Learning Approach", ISCA'08
Sep 25 Jesse Beu A.Falcon et al., "An Adaptive Synchronization Technique for Parallel
Simulation of Networked Clusters", ISPASS'08
Oct 2 Jeff Young I.Hur et al., "A Comprehensive Approach to DRAM Power
Management", HPCA'08
Oct 9 Dong X.Chen et al., "Hybrid Analytical Modeling of Pending Cache Hits,
Data Prefetching, and MSHRs", MICRO'08
Oct 16 Chad Rosier Emer et al., "Single-Threaded vs. Multithreaded: Where Should We Focus?",
IEEE Micro, 2007
Falcon et al.,"Combining Simulation and Virtualization through Dynamic Sampling",
Oct 23 Vikas V.Vasisht et al., "SHARK: Architectural Support for Autonomic Protection
Against Stealth by Rootkit Exploits", MICRO'08
Oct 30 Sunpyo Hong Shane Ryoo et al., "Program Optimization Space Pruning for a Multithreaded GPU",
Nov 6 Paul Bryan "Fast Simulation without bogus results"
Nov 13 Nagesh J.Chang et al.,"Cooperative Caching for Chip Multiprocessors"
Nov 20 ISCA week
Nov 27 Thanksgiving