arch-beer: spring 2006 schedule

When: Friday 12:00 -1:30 pm
Where: CCB 354 (that's CoC).
BYO-lunch, soda+cookies provided
Date Presenter Topic (Title of the Paper for Discussion)
Jan 13 Milos, Gabe, Sean "Organizational Meeting"
Jan 20 Kiran "(1) Balancing Resource Utilization to Mitigate Power Density in Processor Pipelines"
"(2) Thermal Management of On-Chip Caches Through Power Density Minimization"
Jan 27 Aniket "Memory Ordering: A Value-based Approach"
Feb 03 Guru "DISE: A Programmable Macro Engine for Customizing Applications"
Feb 10 Sam, Weidong, Milos "HPCA Practice talks"
Feb 17 Xiaotong Zhuang "(Job Talk) Compiler Optimizations for Network Processors"
Feb 24 Sarang "Flea-flicker Multipass Pipelining: An Alternative to the High-Power Out-of-Order Offense"
Mar 03 Leo ""
Mar 10 Mrinmoy "Using Virtual Load/Store Queues (VLSQs) to Reduce the Negative Effects of Reordered Memory Instructions"
Mar 17 Richard "Unbounded Transactional Memory"
Mar 31 Chenyu "ISCA Pre-practice talk: Improving Cost, Performance and Security of Memory Encryption and Authentication"
Apr 07 "Guest Lecture: Babak Falsafi"
Apr 14 Dong Hyuk "How to Fake 1000 Registers"
Apr 21 Jianli "Continuous Path and Edge Profiling"
Apr 28 Gabe "A Case for MLP-Aware Cache Replacement"
May 05 Fayez ""