arch-beer: spring 2007 schedule

When: Friday 12:00 -1:30 pm
Where: Klaus 1212.
BYO-lunch, soda+cookies provided
Date Presenter Topic (Title of the Paper for Discussion)
Jan 12 Guest Speaker: Tom Conte "Insight, not (Random) Numbers: A Perspective on Embedded Benchmarking"
Jan 19 Milos "Organizational meeting"
Jan 26 Sam "Diverge-Merge Processor (DMP): Dynamic Predicated Execution of Complex Control-Flow Graphs Based on Frequently Executed Paths"
Feb 2 Ranji "Virtually Pipelined Network Memory"
Feb 9 Kiran/Guru/Dong "HPCA Practice Talks"
Feb 16 Chenyu "Coherence Ordering for Ring-based Chip Multiprocessors"
Feb 23 Dean "A Flexible and Scalable Methodology for GHz-Speed Structural Test"
Mar 2 Kiran "Practice Job Talk"
Mar 9 Ioannis "LIFT: A Low-Overhead Practical Information Flow Tracking System for Detecting Security Attacks"
Mar 16 Guest Speaker-Hyesoon Kim ""
Mar 23 Holiday "Spring break - No Arch-beer"
Mar 30 Nishank "Utility-Based Cache Partitioning: A Low-Overhead, High-Performance,Runtime Mechanism to Partition Shared Caches"
Apr 6 Richard "Exploiting Postdominance for Speculative Parallelization"
Apr 13 Rahul "An Adaptive Shared/Private NUCA Cache Partitioning Scheme for Chip Multiprocessors"
Apr 20 Kiran "Reducing Startup Time in Co-Designed Virtual Machines"
Apr 27 Mrinmoy "Line Distillation: Increasing Cache Capacity by Filtering Unused Words in Cache Lines"