arch-beer: spring 2008 schedule

When: Friday 12:00 -1:30 pm
Where: (Mostly) Klaus 2100 and (rarely) Klaus 1116W.
BYO-lunch, soda+cookies provided
Date Presenter Topic (Title of the Paper for Discussion) Location
Jan 11 Organizational Meeting Klaus 2100
Jan 18 Brooks Prumo Leveraging 3D Technology for Improved Reliability Klaus 2100
Jan 25 Ioannis Doudalis HardBound: Architectural Support for Spatial Safety of the C Programming Language Klaus 2100
Feb 1 Dong Hyuk Woo Emulating Optimal Replacement with a Shepherd Cache Klaus 1116W
Feb 8 Jonathan Kron Colorama: Architectural Support for Data-Centric Synchronization Klaus 1116W
Feb 15 HPCA Practice Talks Klaus 2100
Feb 22 Yuejian Xie Gaining Insights into Multicore Cache Partitioning: Bridging the Gap between Simulation and Real Systems Klaus 2100
Feb 29 Dean Lewis Address-Branch Correlation: A Novel Locality for Long-Latency Hard-to-Predict Branches Klaus 1116W
Mar 7 Richard Yoo Thread-Safe Dynamic Binary Translation using Transactional Memory Klaus 1116W
Mar 14 Minjang Kim Data Access Partitioning for Fine-grain Parallelism on Multicore Architectures Klaus 2100
Mar 21 Spring Break
Mar 28 Aemen Lodhi Stall-time Fair Memory Access Scheduling for Chip Multiprocessors Klaus 2100
Apr 4 Nak Hee Seong Scavenger: A New Last Level Cache Architecture with Global Block Priority Klaus 1116W
Apr 11 Pratik Marolia FPGA-Accelerated Simulation Technologies (FAST): Fast, Full-System, Cycle-Accurate Simulators Klaus 2100
Apr 18 Vikas Vasisht Accelerating Two-Dimensional Page Walks for Virtualized Systems Klaus 1116W
Apr 25 Guru Venkataramani Time Interpolation: So Many Metrics, So Few Registers Klaus 2100