arch-beer: Spring 2009 schedule

When: Thursdays 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Klaus 2100
BYO-lunch, soda+cookies provided
Date Presenter Topic (Title of the Paper for Discussion)
Jan. 8 - Intro to Arch-Beer
Jan. 15 Jesse Cache Bursts: A New Approach for Eliminating Dead Blocks and Increasing Cache Efficiency
Jan. 22 Yuejian Coordinated Management of Multiple Interacting Resources in Chip Multiprocessors: A Machine Learning Approach
Jan. 29 Dean A Novel Dimensionally-Decomposed Router for On-Chip Communication in 3D Architectures
Feb. 5 Sungkap An Effective Hybrid Transactional Memory System with Strong Isolation Guarantees
Feb. 12 Guru Coherence Miss Classification for Performance Debugging in MultiCore Processors
Feb. 19 Chad In-Network Snoop Ordering (INSO): Snoopy Coherence on Unordered Networks
Feb. 26 Dong Hyuk Chameleon: Virtualizing Idle Acceleration Cores of A Heterogeneous Multi-Core Processor for Caching and Prefetching
Mar. 5 Farhana Commutativity Analysis for Software Parallelization: Letting Program Transformations See the Big Picture
Mar. 12 Tommy Lightweight Predication Support for Out of Order Processors
Mar. 19 - Spring Break
Mar. 26 Minjang CTrigger: Exposing Atomicity Violation Bugs from Their Hiding Places
Apr. 2 Aemen Prefetch-Aware DRAM Controllers
Apr. 9 Prof. Derek Chiou Transforming Computer System Design
Apr. 16 Ioannis DMP: Deterministic Shared Memory Multiprocessing
Apr. 23 - Canceled
Apr. 30 - Final Week