The COBS Project

The COBS Project

Configurable OBjectS for High Performance Systems

Principal Investigators:

Karsten Schwan (,
Mustaque Ahamad (

The COBS project is developing a uniform programming model for high performance, heterogeneous machines. The intent of our work is to have broad impact by leveraging commercial object technologies, while simultaneously attaining high performance by gaining and using novel research insights on efficient object representations.

The COBS (Configurable OBjectsS) project was originally funded by DARPA in the fall of 1995 with a group at IBM TJ Watson as subcontractors. Currently work on the project continues independently, as well as under subcontract with Systran. The collaboration with Systran is part of the "IR-DOMS Project" funded by Wright Patterson Air Force Base as part of SBIR Phase II. The Georgia Tech PIs for this phase of the project include Karsten Schwan, Mustaque Ahamad, Greg Eisenhauer and Harold Forbes. The current focus of the COBS effort is toward support for real-time object invocations, efficient and optimized implementations of event channels and support for multi-network ORB interaction.

COBS is built upon, and heavily utilizes the facilities of, DataExchange and PBIO. COBS can also be configured to run on top of Cthreads.

COBS has the following documents online:


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