To install the ECho binaries:

Unzip and untar the release file into the directory where you want ECho to be installed. The tar file contains this file as well as ./bin, ./lib and ./include directories.

Execute the shell script fixup_echo_libtool_libraries in the bin directory. This script modifies the libtool archives (*.la files) in the lib directory so that they contain the appropriate path information. Generally fixup_echo_libtool_libraries can infer where the libraries are installed based upon the command used to invoke it and the current working directory. In some circumstances the script may not be able to find the installed libraries to fix them. If that happens, invoke the script again passing the path to the ECho installation directory as an argument.

Additionally, you may have to modify the file lib/cercs_config. This file contains environment variables necessary for the proper function of ECho and other software in this distribution.

The ECho packages attempt to locate the cercs_config file by searching $HOME, /users/c/chaos/lib and /usr/local/lib. Alternatively, the location of the cercs_config file can be specified with the CERCS_CONFIG_FILE environment variable. Without an appropriate cercs_config, ECho will be operating with environment variables appropriate for the environment in which it was built. This might work in the install enviroment, but likely not...

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