The ECho Event Delivery System

ECho is an event delivery middleware system developed at Georgia Tech. ECho is distinguished by efficient and flexible support for event typing and the ability to assign event handlers to specific threads for transparent support of both inter- and intra-process communication. ECho also introduces the concept of a "derived event channel." ECho uses dynamic code generation to implement derived event channels and exploit their ability to move user-level processing to remote locations. ECho is described in the following publications: ECho's supported platforms include: Sun Sparc SunOS 4.1, Sun Sparc Solaris 2.x, x86 Solaris 2.x, SGI MPIS Irix 5.x, SGI MIPS (32 and 64-bit) Irix 6.x, IBM RS6000 AIX 3.2, x86 Linux, and x86 Windows NT.

Getting ECho.

ECho source is built into the DataExchange release. The derived event channel support is not currently being distributed, but will be available soon.

Users within Georgia Tech can use full derived event channel support. Please see this document for information on building and using ECho. If you cannot use pre-built libraries, a complete distribution is available (gzip or compress).

Debugging ECho programs.

Some general questions about debugging ECho programs are answered in another document.

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