A Java-based, Content-based Adaptable Distributed Event System

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Distributed event systems can be used as an anonymous group communication infrastructure for dynamic, decoupled components of distributed plug-and-play applications. However, despite the conceptual match between distributed event systems and plug-and-play applications, it is still difficult to use them together to build efficient distributed applications, mainly because of the abstraction barriers between loosely coupled components of a plug-and-play application and that current event system may not be aware of or may not be able to overcome such barriers.

The focus of JECho is to investigate and design an event-based middleware framework that can be used to "organically" fuse together, rather than simply bind, dynamic-, loosely-coupled components into an efficient plug-and-play application. To accomplish that, our system has to transparently optimize the interaction between distributed components, and such optimization needs to be customizable to individual components and be adaptive to component dynamics.

Important Features

The important features of JECho are: Other features of JECho include both synchronous and asynchronous event delivery, a prototypical multicast RMI layer, high performance communication endpoint migration support and interoperability between Java and native format events. JECho also has a J2ME(KVM) port and provides customized object serialization mechanism for J2ME.

Documents and Publications

  • JECho User's Guide
  • JECho Port Guide (For adding new transport layer into JECho)

  • Active Brokers and Their Runtime Deployment in the ECho/JECho Distributed Event Systems, Dong Zhou, Yuan Chen, Greg Eisenhauer and Karsten Schwan, accepted by AMS 2001. (PS, PDF) (Power Point Presentation)

  • JECho--Interactive High Performance Computing with Java Event Channels, Dong Zhou, Karsten Schwan, Greg Eisenhauer and Yuan Chen, accepted by the IPDPS 2001. (PS, PDF)

  • (GT-CoC Tech Report version.)        (Power Point Presentation)
  • Eager Handlers - Communication Optimization in Java-based Distributed Applications with Reconfigurable Fine-grained Code Migration, Dong Zhou and Karsten Schwan, accepted by the 3rd International Workshop on Java for Parallel and Distribute Computing (held in conjunction with the IPDPS 2001).  (PS, PDF)      (Power Point Presentation)

  • A very early presentation made at the CoC OS seminar

  • People

    Prof. Karsten Schwan
    Dong Zhou
    Yuan Chen

    Brendan Hannigan and Enylton Machado Coelho added UDP and Initial State Server support for JECho.


  • JECho Release
  • Java/PBIO Converter(the tool that connects ECho and JECho)
  • ECho can be downloaded from the ECho project homepage.
  • An example of using JECho can be found here.

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  • Contact: Please contact Dong Zhou for problems or for more information.