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The Adaptive Systems Project is developing principles, methods, algorithms, and system support for the online adaptation of applications and system components, to address the needs of embedded/real-time, high performance, and interactive applications.

Current research efforts are funded by federal and industry sponsors. They include:

We have developed several distributed and parallel benchmark programs operating on multiple target platforms.  These programs include synthetic applications derived from distributed multimedia and from parallel sensor processing applications, distributed virtual environments, and distributed games and simulations. Jointly, they provide a basis for research on configurable and adaptable distributed programs and communications. Our research addresses the development of on-line adaptation algorithms and methods for parallel, distributed, and real-time applications. Toward this end, negotiation protocols and QoS formulations targeting real-time applications are being investigated, and a framework for dynamic resource management is being constructed.  This project also concerns the evaluation of on-line configurable communication protocols, both with respect to their processing requirements (CPU requirements on SMP platforms) and their networking needs (QoS requirements), jointly with networking faculty.






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