WorldTravel is a testbed for service-oriented applications (SOA). The purpose is to provide researchers an open source venue for experimenting with and evaluating ideas, methods, and implementation options for service-oriented architectures and applications.

WorldTravel is a functioning application, implemented in Java using Geronimo and in MySQL. It is provided with a database from our corporate partner, Worldspan by Travelport. The size of this database is > 1 GB. We feel that having a data set which is representative of actual, functioning business applications is important to the veracity of the simulation that WorldTravel implements.


A first release is available. Note that we may continue to fine-tune the layout of the database.


WorldTravel: A Testbed for Service-Oriented Applications. ICSOC 2008, LNCS 5364, pp. 438–452, 2008. PDF

Contact information

For any questions regarding WorldTravel, please contact Peter Budny at "peterb (at)".