Cryptography reading group

From Theory

The purpose of this reading group is to study some significant results in cryptography, identify possible ways in which they might be improved or extended, and help prepare students to work on original research problems. The contents will tend to be more advanced, and it is recommended that attendees have taken (or are taking) Applied Cryptography (CS 6260) and/or Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography (CS 8803 TFC).

The reading group is headed by professors Chris Peikert and Sasha Boldyreva. Please contact them with any questions.

Spring 2010

The group meets regularly from 12-2pm on Mondays in Klaus 2100, except for the first meeting on Wednesday, Jan 27 from 12-2pm.

The current schedule of speakers and topics is given below. Virendra Kumar is organizing this term's schedule. Please contact him with any questions or requests.

Date Speaker(s) Topic References
Apr 5 Adam O'Neill Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers Dijk-Gentry-Halevi-Vaikuntanathan
Mar 29 Canceled due to prospective PhD students' visit
Mar 22 Canceled due to Spring Break
Mar 15 Canceled due to ARC3 ARC3
Mar 8 Nathan Chenette Mar 1 meeting contd. Barak-Chaudhuri-Dwork-Kale-McSherry-Talwar
Mar 1 Virendra Kumar Differential Privacy: A Survey of Results Dwork
Feb 22 Canceled due to Crypto 2010 submission deadline Crypto 2010
Feb 15 Adam O'Neill Adaptive Trapdoor Functions and Chosen-Ciphertext Security [Kiltz-Mohassel-O'Neill]
Feb 8 Virendra Kumar Bit Encryption is Complete Myers-Shelat
Feb 1 Sasha Boldyreva Jan 27 meeting contd. Cramer-Hofheinz-Kiltz
Jan 27 Sasha Boldyreva A Twist on the Naor-Yung Paradigm & Efficient CCA-Secure Encryption from Search Problems Cramer-Hofheinz-Kiltz