Fall 2009

The group meets regularly from 12-1:30pm on Wednesdays in Klaus 3100.

The focus this term is on cryptographic results that involve some significant algorithmic ideas (broadly construed).

The schedule of speakers and topics is as follows:

Date Speaker(s) Topic References
2 Dec Sasha Boldyreva Non-malleable hash functions Boldyreva-Cash-Fischlin-Warinschi
18 Nov Steven Ehrlich One-Time Programs Goldwasser-Kalai-Rothblum
11 Nov Daniel Dadush Thorp Shuffle Morris-Rogaway-Stegers
4 Nov Adam O'Neill Security of OAEP Kiltz-O'Neill-Smith
28 Oct Chris Peikert Bonsai Trees Peikert
21 Oct None (Eurocrypt deadline recovery)
14 Oct None (Eurocrypt deadline approaches)
7 Oct Prateek Bhakta Interactive Proofs for Lattice Problems Goldreich-Goldwasser, Micciancio-Vadhan
30 Sep Steven Ehrlich / Ying Xiao Random Selection with Adversarial Majority Gradwohl-Vadhan-Zuckerman
23 Sep Nathan Chenette Cryptanalysis of GGH and NTRU Signatures Nguyen-Regev
16 Sep Adam O'Neill IBEs Based on Quadratic Residuosity Cocks, Boneh-Gentry-Hamburg
9 Sep David Cash PhD Defense practice talk
2 Sep Vadim Lyubashevsky Encryption Based on Subset-Sum Lyubashevsky-Palacio-Segev
26 Aug Chris Peikert Learning Parities with Noise Blum-Kalai-Wasserman