Tuesday, March 17

GT Computing colleagues:

The entire University System of Georgia is now moving the rest of the semester online in response to COVID-19. We have all been preparing for this possibility, but we will now be moving into high gear given that we know it is a certainty.

Students will go home if they can, although we expect a small number to stay on campus. We will continue to have as many staff and faculty members telecommuting as possible, not least to protect those small number of us who must come in to work. We are also aware that some student internships are being affected, and we are working with the Institute on a response.

We can expect a series of updates from USG and the President’s office in the coming days. In the meantime, I recommend reading the Institute’s academic continuity resources website. The site has a lot of helpful information.

We also are continuing to update our college’s continuity plan site; please check it regularly for new information. The Institute has created its own site for information related to the coronavirus outbreak, and it is also updated daily. Please check in and keep yourself informed.

For the sake of clarity, I wanted to add to my comment from yesterday about personal purchases: please be sure to work with your school and college Finance team to push approval through the right process. We don’t want anyone to purchase something and then have reimbursements denied later. We will post updates on purchasing to the College continuity website soon with detailed instructions about how to gain proper authorization.

I know that everyone is working hard under difficult circumstances, and I encourage everyone to remember that their team-mates are also under stress. Let us practice kindness in this difficult time.

Charles L. Isbell, Jr.

John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean

College of Computing

Georgia Tech

EA: Alicia Richhart, alicia@cc.gatech.edu, 404-894-8357

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