Courses related to visualization, virtual environments, and 3D interaction.

Undergraduate Courses

CS 4451. Computer Graphics 
An introduction to computer graphics, including: graphics hardware, 2D rendering, 2D and 3D transformations, visible surface determination, illumination, modeling, and ray tracing.

CS 4455. Video Game Design and Programming 
Techniques for electronic game design and programming, including graphics game engines, motion generation, behavioral control for autonomous characters, interaction structure, social and interface issues of multi-user play, and the business aspects of game development.

Graduate Level Courses

CS 6480. Computer Visualization Techniques
Principles, techniques, and practice in data, information, multivariate, and scientific visualization. Includes visualization methods, data structures, examples, and tools.

CS 6485. Visualization Methods for Science and Engineering
Algorithms, software, and practical applications of visualization techniques in science, engineering, business, and medicine. Includes data structures, multivariate visualization, interactive visualization, and visual representations and examples. Computer science students cannot receive credit for this course.

CS 7497. Virtual Environments
An introduction to virtual reality and virtual environments. Issues covered will include VR technology, software design, 3D human-computer interaction, and applications of VR.

CS 8001 VW. Virtual Worlds Lab Seminar
A reading group for issues of 3D interaction, virtual reality, and virtual environments.