Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dear GT Computing colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well.  I wanted to provide some short updates today on happenings around the Institute, but first, I am pleased to announce that our online chair and faculty search methods appear to be working, at least based on what we’ve seen so far. We are seeing a lot of thoughtful participation from faculty and staff. Please continue to stay engaged and to share your feedback. The fact that we can hire even in a time of crisis is a reflection of the quality of our organization and all the folks in it.

In other news, the Institute is going to refund student fees for this semester, prorated from March 16. You can find more guidance on the Institute’s FAQ page. We know that staff members are wondering about parking fees. We have heard that guidance is on the way from the Institute and will share as soon as it is available.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the Georgia Tech students who are struggling financially. The Alumni Association has set up a mechanism to support them. For the time being, all unrestricted donations coming through the Institute’s Roll Call page will go to student relief. Please share that information with any alumni or friends of the College who are asking how they can help.

As always, please check in regularly with the College’s business continuity page. We are continuing to add updates, including links to Institute resources.

Stay strong and stay safe.

Charles L. Isbell, Jr.

John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean

College of Computing

Georgia Tech

EA: Alicia Richhart,, 404-894-8357

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