Travel Scholarship Information

AAAI-98 Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition

July 26-30, 1998, Madison, Wisconsin

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation, DARPA and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Prerequisites for Travel Scholarships

Limited funding is available for student travel and robot shipment to the 1998 AAAI Robot Competition, Exhibition and Workshop. In order to qualify for funding, you must attend the workshop to be held on Thursday the week of the Competition. You must also provide evidence your robot meets certain basic competencies as follows:

All teams and individuals requesting travel scholarships to participate in the 1998 AAAI Robot Competition and workshop must submit proof by July 1, 1998, that their entries have basic competences. This can be done either by providing a URL with MPEG movie (preferred) or by sending a VHS video to Greg Dudek (competition) or Tucker Balch (exhibition). These movies will also be used in the presentation to the general AAAI audience.

For the Hors d'Oeuvres Anyone? event:

Movie should show the robot moving purposefully to a clearly identifiable goal (location, group of people, table with refills) without hitting any obstacle. (while the rules permit nudging of spectators if trapped, the robot should not normally collide with obstacles or humans)

For the Find Life on Mars event:

Movie should show a) the robot moving and avoiding obstacles b) evidence of vision hardware/softare able to discriminate between differently colored objects. It is not necessary at this point for the vision capability to be integrated with the robot hardware.


Movie should demonstrate an interesting and/or novel robotic capability.

last modified by Tucker Balch, 15 May 1998