Summary of weight for course assignments:
Class participation 5%
HW Assignments 35%
...HW 1 3%
...HW 2 5%
...HW 3(a or b) 6%
...HW 4 7%
...HW 5 3%
...HW 6 6%
...HW 7 5%
Semester project 40%
Final exam 20%

Class Participation
It is expected that students will come to class, be prepared by doing the readings, and will pay attention and participate in discussions. Doing all three regularly will earn full credit. I particularly value active participation in discussion during, and outside of, class. I understand that laptops, tablets, and smartphones are a valuable part of our learning experience. I expect that you will use them for productive reasons during class time. If you want to surf the internet on your laptop in class, take another course.

Semester Project
Description: Capstone term project

The project deliverable will be described more during class. However, you can expect a demo to the instructor and/or TA, a creation of a short video demonstrating your project, and a “demo day” presentation to a wider audience (logistics will be worked out).

How to turn in assignments:
Assignments are due at the beginning of the class in which they are due. IMPORTANT: Turn in two hardcopies copies of your assignment. Unless told otherwise during class or on the individual assignment description, please do this for all your assignments this term. Emailing the assignment will not be accepted (we get enough email already). You must turn in hardcopy.

Late Turn-in: For each class period late, 25% of the total grade will be deducted from an assignment's score.