InfoVis Resources & Collections
Daily Tekk - Over 100 InfoVis tools and resources
InfoVis:Wiki - Hosted at Vienna University of Technology
Information Visualization web site - Info Vis community information & mail list - Digital magazine about area

InfoVis Blogs
Flowing Data
Information is Beautiful

InfoVis Toolkits - List of recommended tools
D3 - The new hot InfoVis library
Flare - prefuse in ActionScript & Flash
Prefuse - General InfoVis Toolkit (java) by Jeffrey Heer
Piccolo 2D - Nice toolkit especially for zooming interfaces
Javascript InfoVis Toolkit
InfoVis Toolkit - General Toolkit by Jean-Daniel Fekete

Data Sets & Collections
Credit card complaints - From Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Variety of data sources - From Daily Tekk (down on page)
World Health Indicators - From National Center for Health Statistics
CS 4460 Resource List - Jim Foley ugrad course at GT
Various data sets - - From
Various data sets - From the World Bank
List of public data sets - From Quora
InfoVis Benchmarks Repository - From HCIL, University of Maryland
Network Intrusion Data - From the UMass Lowell Information Exploration Shootout
Internet Mapping Project - At Lumeta
AirData - From the EPA
UNIX System User Load Data - From Bob Lechner of U Mass, Lowell
Geneology Data - From the US Census Bureau
World Wine Statistics - From the Wine Institute
Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive - At UC Irvine
National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference - From the USDA
Jeff Klingner's database collection - At Stanford
Time Series Data Mining Archive - At UCR
Machine Learning Data Repository - At UCI

The Map of the (Stock) Market - By Martin Wattenberg
The Secret Lives of Numbers - By Golan Levin
They Rule - By Joshua On
Copernica - By Martin Wattenberg
Mario Soup - By Ben Fry
Baby Name Wizard - By Martin Wattenberg
NIRVE project at NIST - Visualizing documents and search results
An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Collection of depictions of the web, internet and cyberspace
Gallery of Data Visualization - Best and worst of statistical graphics; much homage to Tufte
Visual Thesaurus - Interesting visualization of concepts in text
Vizworld - Graphics and visualization news/blog
Strange Maps - Interesting visualizations with maps
Nonlinear Magnification Homepage [link may be broken] - References and examples of fish-eye & focus + context views

Oculus - Business Visualization Software
Discovery - Visualization Software from ILOG
Spotfire - Dynamic Query-driven Visualization Software
InfoZoom - HumanIT Software
Inxight - Text Extraction, Federated Search, and Visualization
Grokker - Enterprise Search Management
Tableau Software - Visual Thinking for Business Intelligence
Panopticon - Commercial Treemap Package
Hive Group - Commercial Honeycomb Package (a Treemap variant)
VisuaLinks - Commercial Graph-Based Analysis Tool
Analyst's Notebook - Commercial Visual Analytics Tool

Research Groups
Information Interfaces - Information Visualization and HCI @ Georgia Tech
LIVE - Laboratory for Information Visualization and Evaluation @ Virginia Tech
Imager Laboratory - Graphics, Visualization and HCI @ University of British Columbia
Visualization at WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Visualization at HCIL - Univ of Maryland HCI Lab Visualization Projects (past & current)
Pacific Northwest National Labs - Research program in Information Visualization
PARC UIR Information Visualization - Links to Xerox PARC InfoVis projects & info