CS 6250 Spring 2012

Computer Networks



Mostafa Ammar, KACB 3344,
ammar AT cc dot gatech dot edu
Office Hours: Wednesday at 1pm or by appointment. For DL students I am available on Skype address GT-Ammar, but please send me an e-mail first to make sure I have Skype running. Additional office hours will be made available before tests.

Teaching Assistant

Mehmet Demirci, mdemirci AT CC dot gatech dot edu
Office Hours: M, Th, 2-3pm, KACB in front of room 3319.

ESSENTIAL Prerequisites

Course Meeting Time

MWF 10:05-10:55pm, Klaus 2447

Course Information

This is a "second" advanced course in networking. We will cover a broad spectrum of topics in networking building on basic knowledge you already have. Please do not take this class if you have never had a networking class before.

While we will cover some basic "textbook" topics, the course will be primarily based on paper readings.

This course is an advanced graduate course and you will be expected to do a significant amount of readings on your own.

An outline of course topics is available here


We will not follow any particular text but these should serve you well if you need a refresher.

A link to the course READING MATERIAL including papers and Internet resources

(This list may modified periodically so check often)

Assignments, and Tests

There will be The last assignment will be a "mini-project" and may require you to do some programming and/or data collection. There will be no final exam.

All assignments will be submitted electronically using t-square

A schedule for HW and Tests is available here


HW will be due at 11:59pm on the date specified. There is a 1-hour grace period after that where late submissions will not incur a late penalty. Submissions that are 1 to 24 hours late will incur a 20% penalty and submissions that are 24 to 48 hours late will incur a 50% penalty. No submissions will be accepted more than 48 hours late.


HW: HW1-HW3: 10% each, HW4("mini-project"): 20%

Tests: 50% (25% each)

Important Notes About Grading

The HWs are to be done individually . You are strongly urged to familiarize yourselves with the GT Student Honor Code rules. Specifically, the following is not allowed:

You are encouraged to discuss problems and papers with others as long as this does not involve copying of code or solutions. Any public material that you use (open-source software, help from a text, material you find on the web, material from a paper, substantial help from a friend, etc...) should be acknowledged explicitly in anything you submit to us.

If you have any doubt about whether something is legal or not please do check with the class Instructor.