About Me

A third year PhD student, a techie and an opensource supporter/promoter, with research interests that span networks and systems.

I am currently working with Prof. Mostafa Ammar and Prof. Ellen Zegura as part of the Networks Research Group at Georgia Tech. I was working on a joint project between Carnegie Mellon University and Qatar University with Prof. Amr Mohamed and Prof. Khaled Harras on Smart Surveillance using AR Drones. I was also part of the Cognitive Radio Research Group@E-JUST working with Prof. Moustafa Youssef and Prof. Khaled Harras.

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Selected Publications

• Carousel: Scalable Traffic Shaping at End-Hosts [PDF] [Slides] [Video]
Ahmed Saeed, Nandita Dukkipati, Vytautas Valancius, Vinh The Lam, Carlo Contavalli, and Amin Vahdat
ACM SIGCOMM 2017 (Acceptance rate 14.4%)

• Local and Low-cost White Space Detection [PDF] [Project Visualization] [Slides]
Ahmed Saeed, Khaled A. Harras, Ellen Zegura, and Mostafa Ammar
IEEE ICDCS 2017 (Acceptance rate 16.9%)

• Argus: Realistic Target Coverage by Drones [PDF] [Slides]
Ahmed Saeed, Ahmed Abdelkader, Mouhyemen Khan, Azin Neishaboori, Khaled A. Harras, and Amr Mohamed
ACM/IEEE IPSN 2017 (Acceptance rate 18%)

• Towards Dynamic Real-Time Geo-location Databases for TV White Spaces [PDF]
Ahmed Saeed, Mohamed Ibrahim, Khaled A. Harras, and Moustafa Youssef
IEEE Network Magazine September/October 2015 Issue.

• Ichnaea: A Low-overhead Robust WLAN Device-free Passive Localization System [PDF]
Ahmed Saeed, Ahmed E. Kosba and Moustafa Youssef
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 2014
Cited more than 50 times

• RASID: A Robust WLAN Device-free Passive Motion Detection System [PDF] [Slides]
Ahmed E. Kosba, Ahmed Saeed, and Moustafa Youssef
IEEE PerCom 2012 (Full papers acceptance rate 11%)
Cited more than 80 times.

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