Fast and Flexible Networking for Message-oriented Middleware
Lars Kroll, Alexandru A. Ormenisan and Jim Dowling
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Distributed applications deployed in multidatacenter environments need to deal with network connections of varying quality, including high bandwidth and low latency within a datacenter and, more recently, high bandwidth and high latency between datacentres. In principle, for a given network connection, each message should be sent over the best available network protocol, but existing middlewares do not provide this functionality. In this paper, we present KompicsMessaging, a messaging middleware that allows for finegrained control of the network protocol used on a per-message basis. Rather than always requiring application developers to specify the appropriate protocol for each message, we also provide an online reinforcement learner that optimises the selection of the network protocol for the current network environment. In experiments, we show how connection properties, such as the varying round-trip time, influence the performance of the application and we show how throughput and latency can be improved by picking the right protocol at the right time.