City-Hunter: Hunting Smartphones in Urban Areas
Xuefeng Liu, Jiaqi Wen, Shaojie Tang, Jiannong Cao and Jiaxing Shen
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Texas at Dallas, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The security issue of public WiFi is gaining more and more concern. By listening to probe requests, an adversary can obtain the SSID list of the APs to which a smartphone previously connected, and utilizes this information to trick the smartphone into associating to it. However, with the enhancement of security level, most smartphones now do not proactively disclose their SSID lists, making these attacks obsolete. In this paper, we propose City-Hunter, an attacker that can lure nearby smartphones without knowing their SSID information. City-Hunter establishes and maintains an SSID database by integrating both offline and online information. Meanwhile, it smartly chooses some SSIDs to hit a smartphone according to the past record and freshness. We evaluate the performance of City-Hunter in different public places. The results demonstrate that City-Hunter is able to successfully hit 12% _ 18% smartphones without knowing their SSID information, which is about 4 _ 8 times improvement compared to the similar attacks like KARMA and MANA.