StoArranger: Enabling Efficient Usage of Cloud Storage Services on Mobile Devices
Yongshu Bai and Yifan Zhang
SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Binghamton

Cloud storage usages are becoming increasingly popular on mobile devices. Through an extensive motivation study, we find that cloud storage accesses from mobile apps suffer from several notable problems that undermine usage experiences. The root cause is that the way of cloud storage providers deploying their services onto mobile devices relies on app developers for the correct and appropriate implementations and lacks the ability of monitoring and servicing client-side cloud storage accesses. We propose StoArranger, a practical system framework that solves the problems by coordinating, rearranging, and transforming cloud storage communications on mobile devices. We have prototyped the proposed system using two different implementation approaches. We discuss our experiences of the implementations in the paper. The real-app evaluation experiments show that StoArranger can significantly improve mobile cloud storage access efficiency with little overheads.