Privacy-preserving Matchmaking in Geosocial Networks with Untrusted Servers
Qiuxiang Dong and Dijiang Huang
Arizona State University, Arizona State University

As a major branch of LBSs, geosocial networking services become popular. An important functionality of geosocial networking services is allowing people to find potential friends who have similar profile within close proximity and initiate communication with each other. However, in order to realize this functionality, most existing services require mobile users to reveal their profiles and location information to an untrusted service provider, which may expose LBSs to vulnerabilities for abuse and endanger mobile users’ privacy. To address this problem, we propose to encrypt users’ profile with a new searchable encryption scheme. Combining this searchable encryption scheme with other cryptographic techniques we construct a privacypreserving matchmaking system. Compared with a previous one that aims to solve the same problem, ours is more secure, supports more flexible functionalities and moves computationally heavy key updates to resourceful service providers.