On the Design of a Blockchain Platform for Clinical Trial and Precision Medicine
Zonyin Shae and Jeffrey Tsai
ASIA University, Taiwan, ASIA University, Taiwan

This paper proposes a blockchain platform architecture for clinical trial and precision medicine and discusses various design aspects and provides some insights in the technology requirements and challenges. We identify 4 new system architecture components that are required to be built on top of traditional blockchain and discuss their technology challenges in our blockchain platform: (a) a new blockchain based general distributed and parallel computing paradigm component to devise and study parallel computing methodology for big data analytics, (b) blockchain application data management component for data integrity, big data integration, and integrating disparity of medical related data, (c) verifiable anonymous identity management component for identity privacy for both person and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and secure data access to make possible of the patient centric medicine, and (d) trust data sharing management component to enable a trust medical data ecosystem for collaborative research.