A Distributed Event-centric Collaborative Workflows Development System for IoT Application
Yongyang Cheng, Shuai Zhao, Bo Cheng, Shoulu Hou, Xiulei Zhang and Junliang Chen
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The rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) attracts growing attention from both industry and academia. IoT seamlessly connects the physical world and cyberspace via various sensors. It is more worth for us to pay attention to the mechanism of the events to work collaboratively rather than those standalone sensors. In this paper, we present a Distributed Event-centric Collaborative Workflows development system for IoT application, called DECW. It supports loosely coupled event-based interaction between processes, which enables real-time response to events from the physical world. Unlike traditional centralized control flow mode, the interaction between processes in DECW is constrained by the event interface. Users could dynamically adjust the interface between processes without modifying the internal logic of the process. In addition, DECW system provides a full lifecycle for the development and operation of the IoT application, including graphical creation of processes, dynamic definition of the process interaction interfaces, logical validation, distributed packaging and deployment, parallel execution, and real-time monitoring and managing the running status of the IoT application.