ReverseCloak: A Reversible Multi-level Location Privacy Protection System
Chao Li, Balaji Palanisamy, Aravind A. Kalaivanan and Sriram Raghunathan
University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh

With the fast popularization of mobile devices and wireless networks, along with advances in sensing and positioning technology, we are witnessing a huge proliferation of Location-based Services (LBSs). Location anonymization refers to the process of perturbing the exact location of LBS users as a cloaking region such that a user's location becomes indistinguishable from the location of a set of other users. However, existing location anonymization techniques focus primarily on single level unidirectional anonymization, which fails to control the access to the cloaking data to let data requesters with different privileges get information with varying degrees of anonymity. In this demonstration, we present a toolkit for ReverseCloak, a location perturbation system to protect location privacy over road networks in a multi-level reversible manner, consisting of an 'Anonymizer' GUI to adjust the anonymization settings and visualize the multilevel cloaking regions over road network for location data owners and a 'De-anonymizer' GUI to de-anonymize the cloaking region and display the reduced region over road network for location data requesters. With the toolkit, we demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of the ReverseCloak approach.