Modeling and Analyzing Latency in the Memcached system
Wenxue Cheng, Fengyuan Ren, Wanchun Jiang and Tong Zhang
Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, Central South University, Tsinghua University

Memcached is a widely used in-memory caching solution in large-scale searching scenarios. The most pivotal performance metric in Memcached is latency, which is affected by various factors including the workload pattern, the service rate, the unbalanced load distribution and the cache miss ratio. To quantitate the impact of each factor on latency, we establish a theoretical model for the Memcached system. Specially, we formulate the unbalanced load distribution among Memcached servers by a set of probabilities, capture the burst and concurrent key arrivals at Memcached servers in form of batching blocks, and add a cache miss processing stage. Based on this model, algebraic derivations are conducted to estimate latency in Memcached. The latency estimation is validated by intensive experiments. Moreover, we obtain a quantitative understanding of how much improvement of latency performance can be achieved by optimizing each factor and provide several useful recommendations to optimal latency in Memcached.