Arya Irani

...see, I'm in vigilant search of new solutions...


I'm a graduate student in the Laboratory for Interactive Artificial Intelligence (IAI) in the Interactive & Intelligent Computing (IIC) division of the College of Computing (CoC) at Georgia Institute of Technology (GT/gatech/tech), working towards a PhD in Computer Science, specializing in Intelligent Systems. My primary research interest is in the learning of high-level representations from low-level inputs, and the coordination of low-level actions from high-level goals: signals to symbols, and symbols to signals. Charles Isbell is my advisor, and my website is under construction.


Efficient Reinforcement Learning Using Reverse Value Iteration
Arya Irani, Peng Zang, Charles Isbell
Submitted to the Eighth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems

Transfer Learning in Real-Time Strategy Games Using Hybrid CBR/RL [link]
Manu Sharma, Michael Holmes, Juan Santamaria, Arya Irani, Ashwin Ram, and Charles Isbell
Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Physical Path Planning Using the Gnats [link]
Keith J. O'Hara, Victor Bigio, Eric Dodson, Arya Irani, Daniel Walker, and Tucker Balch
2005 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Mad props to the Contextual Computing Group and the Borg Lab.