Schedule for CS 4001A: Computing, Society, & Professionalism, Spring 2011

Date Topic Readings Assignment
8/21 Welcome & Overview    
8/23 Case Study: Therac-25  
8/28 Reading Arguments Writing Arguments (WA) 1 & 2  
8/30 Utilitarianism Quinn Chapter 2  
9/4 Deontology & Social Contract Theory Quinn Chapter 2, continued Reading the Argument of a Current Article
9/6 Core & Logical Structure of Arguments WA 3 & 4  
9/11 Stakeholder Analysis & Virtue Ethics Please come to class with a short quote from one of the readings that you find interesting.
9/13 Professional Ethics
  • Quinn Chapter 9
  • Article "Using the New ACM Code of Ethics in Decision Making" by Anderson et al (electronic reserve)
9/18 Freedom of Speech & Networked Communications Quinn Chapter 3 Applying Ethical Frameworks to a Dilemma
9/20 Do Artifacts Have Politics? "Do Artifacts Have Politics?" by Langdon Winner (electronic reserve)  
9/25 Evidence
  • WA 5
  • 4001 term paper, on t-square as a resource
9/27 Privacy  
10/2 Privacy and the Government Term Paper Proposals
10/4 Discussion of Term Paper Proposals
& Midterm Review
  Come to class prepared to tell everyone about your term paper topic.
10/9 Midterm    
10/11 Moving your Audience & Responding to Alternate Views WA 6 & 7  
10/18 Intellectual Property Quinn Chapter 4, through end of 4.6  
10/23 Software as Intellectual Property Quinn Chapter 4, continued (4.7-end)  
10/25 Visual Argument Visual & Statistical Thinking: Displays of Evidence for Decision Making by Tufte Term Paper Outline
10/30 The Patriot Act Wikipedia Articles:  
11/1 When do People Cheat?
Ethical Conduct in the Real World
Chapter from "Predictably Irrational" by Dan Ariely (electronic reserve)  
11/6 Online Voting and Voting Machines
  • Quinn 7.5, 8.2.1, 8.4.7
  • EFF page on Evoting. Click on "cases" and read three of the most recent. (Just the summary--you don't need to read the detailed documents.)
  • Pick an article about electronic voting or risks of voting machines, and add it to the wiki on T-Square. Make sure no one else has picked the same one. Come to class prepared to briefly summarize your article for the class.
11/8 Computer Reliability & Software Warranties Quinn Chapter 8.1-8.4, 8.7-8.8  
11/13 Simulation    
11/15 Term Paper Discussion Come to class prepared to talk about your term paper Term Papers
11/20, 11/22 No class--Happy Thanksgiving!    
11/27 Work and Wealth Quinn 10.1-10.4, 10.6  
11/29 The Participation Divide  
12/4 Alone Together Introduction to Alone Together by Sherry Turkle (electronic reserve)  
12/6 Final Exam Review    

Readings and assignments are subject to change.