Final Projects

A large portion of your grade will come from your final project, which will be done in groups of 2-3 people.  The scale of project should reflect the size of the group.   Potential class projects will be suggested early in the course, but students are encouraged to propose their own projects related to their overall research interests. 

Deadlines related to the final project will be assigned throughout the semester to create opportunities for you to get feedback from Prof. Thomaz and your classmates.  

Each group will present their project during the scheduled final exam time for this course.  You will also create a webpage to document the project, and write a conference style paper.  Your in-class presentation, the online material, and the paper will be considered when determining your grade for the project. 

Example final projects from past semesters:

Social Learning of Object Affordances

                    Maya Cakmak, Chandan Dasgupta

Engagement Strategies for Social Learning with the Pleo robot

                    Colin Smith, Peng Zhou

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