Assignment #5: Proposal Presentations
In class on Tuesday, Feb 12, we will hear from each project group about the final project that they have proposed.  We will have 8 mins for single-person groups, and 12 mins for multi-person groups.  
This presentation will be graded on the following criteria:
1) Did you clearly state the research question and motivation for your project.  (i.e., Who cares?)
2) Did you demonstrate that you have a clear idea of what you will be working on and how you will achieve it in the next several weeks.  (i.e., What are the steps you are going to accomplish in the rest of the semester?)
3) If you have a multi-person group did you indicate how you will be dividing up tasks, and how you will coordinate integration.  
4) Did you present a concrete scenario for your project? (i.e., what will it be like when your project exists, how will people interact with it, describe this like a story...)
5) Did you present a proposal for evaluating your project with people?  (i.e., When you succeed in building what you have described, and you watch people interacting with your technology, what are the kinds of things that would lead you to believe that your technology is a success/failure?)
You should try to present your main idea quickly (say using half of your time), and this will leave time for us to brainstorm as a group about your project.  I anticipate that this brainstorming will be particularly useful in helping you flesh out item (5) above.
The following schedule will be strictly enforced, so that we have a chance to hear from everyone.  Plan your presentations accordingly.
     3:10    Abhishek Saxena “Learning by Demonstration”
        3:20    Travis Deyle “RFID People Following”  
        3:30    Manvesh, Cyril, Brian  “Tele-emotion robots”
        3:44    Niyant, Jinhan, Richard, John “Joint-Attention”
        3:58    Jeremy, Colin, Peng “Engagement and SG-ML”            
        4:12    Maya, Chandan “Social Learning”  
Proposal Presentations
in class Tues, Feb 12.