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Useful Software on ECE Systems

The ECE systems have a number of useful software packages installed. Some of these programs will help in your research:

Word Processing with LaTeX

Message Passing Interface (MPI)

The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the standard programming interface for distributed-memory parallel machines. Please print or buy a copy of MPI: The Complete Reference (2-volume set, 1998, ISBN 0-262-69216-3) by Snir, Otto, Huss-Lederman, Walker, and Dongarra. The MPI Forum is also a good MPI resource. You may also want to install a copy of MPICH: Portable Implementation of MPI on your personal computer.

High-Performance Distributed Computing

The Grid Forum is an informal consortium of institutions and individuals working on wide area computing and computational grids: the technologies that underlie such activities as the NCSA Alliance's National Technology Grid, NPACI's Metasystems efforts, NASA's Information Power Grid, DOE ASCI's DISCOM program, and other activities worldwide. Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman have edited the text The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure that provides an excellent resource for grid researchers and developers. At UNM, we are using the Globus Infrastructure Toolkit to develop grid-based applications.

Parallel Processing Links:

Sequential Algorithms, Data Structures, and Complexity

In order to develop high-performance practical parallel algorithms, you must be a good sequential algorithmist.

The ANSI C standard reference is The C Programming Language (2nd ed.), by Kernighan and Ritchie.

The ACM maintains a repository of Collected Algorithms.

Some good references for algorithms and data structures are texts by

Parallel Algorithms


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