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I am a PhD candidate in Human-Centered Computing in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I graduated in May 2013 from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering with Highest Honors. I work in the Contextual Computing Group with my dissertation advisor, Thad Starner.

My research focuses on wearable computing, haptics, perception, and neuroscience. More specifically, my work examines human cognition and learning from haptic interaction and creating new lightweight, mobile devices for rehabilitation.

My specialization is in Artificial Intelligence. AI provides a powerful tool for tasks such as sensing interpretation, planning, and drawing conclusions from data. My interests in AI include these applications, but also focus on the cognitive parallels between AI and human thinking. These include knowledge representations and models of thinking.

My thesis minor is in Neuroscience and Rehabilitation with Emory University. For some of my research, I work closely with individuals who have cognitive or nervous system disabilities. Wearable and haptic technologies have many potential applications in rehabilitation and prosthetics.

For questions about the research and press inquiries please contact
seimResearch@gmail.com and jason.maderer@comm.gatech.edu

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seimResearch @ gmail.com