CS 8001 MVG


This site provides information on the Spring 2005,

Multiview Geometry Reading Seminar

We will read both seminal and cutting-edge papers on multiview geometry to refresh (or learn) basic concepts of multiview geometry, as well as staying current on recent developments.

We'll do some basic papers first to refresh our geometry, and you should be able to tag along if you've taken computer vision. There will be no coursework other than reading the papers and/or chapters before we meet, but I will take that one requirement seriously. Additionally, depending on enrollment, you may be asked to present one or two papers.

We will convene every Tuesday from 4 to 5 in TSRB 222. The evolving paper schedule is here. Papers are chosen from a list of noteworthy papers in multiview geometry, roughly organized along the HZ book table of content (see below).

Although not required, a nice companion/reference book to the course is Hartley and Zisserman's book: Multiple View Geometry:

Frank Dellaert