Weekly exercises: Given in class.


  1. 1. Single-view metrology Part I (due sept 11) & Part 2 (due Sept 18),
        (Some useful MATLAB: niceline.m, line2.m)

  2. 2. Fundamental matrix assignment2.pdf, due Oct 11 2007 before class.
        Images needed: mantle1.jpg, mantle2.jpg

  3. 3. Particle Filtering tutorial, instructions in assignment3.pdf, due 23:59 on Thu Nov 29.
        Note some applets seem to have trouble, here are the raw processing sketches:


Please put your project report on the Fall 2007 swiki. A “conference-level” report will have

  1. Introduction: which problem are you attacking, why is it important, what is the related work (not just the paper you are implementing), preview the method

  2. Technical part: describe the method and your implementation of it. Which things did you do differently, where did you get source code, how would someone reproduce it

  3. Results: describe which results you got, how they compare to the results in the paper, why they are different (if they are)

  4. Discussion: what did you think of the method, what are its strengths, weaknesses, how do you explain differences, would you use this method again or go for something different, how would you extend it ?

  5. References: the paper should have a well-formatted reference section

Due on Monday Dec 3: ppt file 3 slides.

Due on Tuesday Dec 4th, in class: 6-page report (on swiki, hardcopy in class).

Sample quizzes

Below you find all the quizzes, midterms, finals from previous years. Note that this year we do a midterm/final, not multiple quizzes.

  1. 2004: quiz1.pdf, quiz2.pdf, quiz3.pdf, quiz4.pdf, quiz5.pdf

  2. 2005: midterm.pdf, final.pdf

  3. 2006: quiz1.pdf, quiz2.pdf, quiz3.pdf, quiz4.pdf, quiz5.pdf