Computer Vision @ GTL

Transfer with the Trifocal Tensor (Frank Gehry’s Ginger&Fred building in Prague)

Welcome !

This site provides information on the CS 4495/7495 course ”Computer Vision”, to be taught in the Fall 2007 Semester at the GT-Lorraine campus in Metz, France. This is an introductory computer vision course typically offered in the College of Computing. It is designed to provide

•A broad introduction to research questions in computer vision,

•Familiarity with standard vision results, and

•Experience in programming vision algorithms.

In these pages you will find more information on the syllabus, the schedule, and the projects.

Frank Dellaert

A note on prerequisites:

At GTL, the usual pre-requisites will be a bit relaxed to make the course more accessible to non-CS students. Familiarity with linear algebra and statistics will be helpful, but not essential. Similarly, familiarity with programming will help.