CS 4480 DVFX, Fall 08 “viral edition”


Techniques to manipulate digital imagery to generate beautiful effects for movies and television have revolutionized the film industry. Developers and artists using a computer as a digital manipulation tool can now generate special effects to tell stories on projects of various scales, ranging from very high budget films to low-budget independent films to television movies to movie shorts from home video collections.

The Digital Video Special Effects class (CS4480) offered this Fall semester is aimed at teaching the techniques that are used to generate video special effects. This course is designed to allow students to explore their creativity while extending their graphics and programming skills. Participants in class will be required to generate special effects, critique and analyze effects from movies, develop skills and abilities to manipulate digital video and audio, and implement their own algorithms to express their technical and artistic skills.

Using off-the-shelf software for video manipulation, combined with your own algorithms implemented for the class, general ingenuity, and artistic skills, students will generate "video shorts" that will show off their ideas.

In the Fall 2008 instantiation of the course students teams will be asked to produce a video targeted to YouTube, with the intent (or at least potential) of creating a "viral video", i.e., one that will be downloaded thousands of times. In the spirit of the College's recent emphasis on "Computing for Good" (C4G), each team will be asked to convey a message with their video to further some noble cause, which could range from promoting Georgia Tech research to public awareness of global issues.


Example of Aggressive Digital Grading in the Movie “300”

Digital Video Special Effects, "Viral" Edition

Taught by Frank Dellaert, TA Grant Schindler

Extending the very successful DVFX Series by Irfan Essa