CS 8803-3D (Spring 2010)


If you have a good linear algebra background (esp. SVD), are working in robotics, computer vision, graphics, or augmented reality, and want to know more about SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), structure from motion, multi-view geometry, and real-time visual SLAM, this course is for you !!

In contrast to my previous multi-view geometry course, the class is less projective geometry oriented. Instead, I focus more on a graphical model representations of the SLAM/SFM problem, as well a real-time and sensing aspects.

In this second edition of the class, the theme will be multi-robot/multi-camera mapping and reconstruction. Throughout the course, teams of students will collaborate on implementing such a system of their choice. A high-quality C++/MATLAB toolbox developed in my lab, GTSAM, will be provided to students to build upon.

                                                                                                        Frank dellaert

3D Reconstruction and Mapping in Computer Vision, Robotics, and Augmented Reality, Spring 2010 Edition