CS 7495 - Fall 2012


In Fall 2012 graduate computer vision will again be co-taught by faculty in the Computational Perception Lab at Georgia Tech. Please note that undergrad CS 4495 is now a separate class, whose website you can find here.

The intended audience is graduate students (both M.Sc. and Ph.D. level) that are comfortable doing some learning on their own of basic material. The learning goals of the course are

- to provide a strong foundation in classical computer vision concepts and techniques.

  1. -to go deep in each of these topics by looking at cutting edge developments in these areas, and have each student implement several advanced methods from the literature

  2. -finally, to inspire confidence in your ability to identify where and how to apply techniques from computer vision throughout your future career.

For more information, please consult the syllabus and the schedule.

                                                Frank Dellaert (Course Coordinator and Instructor of Record)

Graduate Computer Vision