Elizabeth M. Cherry


CX 4010/CSE 6010 Computational Problem Solving

Last taught: Fall 2020 (hybrid mode)

Description: This course is designed for students with limited computing background to prepare for upper division and graduate coursework in computer science or computational science and engineering. Grading is based on exams and quizzes for more basic course material along with individual and small-group programming assignments.

Course Topics:

CSE 8010 Biomedical Modeling (special topics)

Last taught: Spring 2019

Description: This course is focused on modeling and simulation in the biomedical context with the goal of understanding how models are created, solved, and used. At the same time, developing skills in interpreting results obtained using biomedical models and articulating strengths and limitations of modeling approaches also is emphasized. Grading includes a mix of assignments, a project, and class participation.

Course Topics: