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Instructor:  Edmond Chow
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Course Description

This course will cover many of the major computational methods used in numerical simulation in science and engineering. The goal is for students to gain familiarity with these methods and to as much as possible learn to "speak the language" of the physicist and of other application domain scientists and engineers. This course helps prepare students in high-performance computing for careers in large-scale numerical simulation where codes are developed by interdisciplinary teams. This course will also be of interest to graduate students in science and engineering disciplines who are interested in numerical simulation. Topics to be covered include: governing equations of science and engineering (Schrodinger equation, Navier-Stokes equation, etc.), finite element method, finite volume method, Monte Carlo methods, approximation techniques used in scientific computing, molecular dynamics and other particle simulation methods.


Undergraduate or Graduate-level Numerical Methods, e.g., MATH 4640.


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  • PDE governing equations
  • Finite element and finite volume methods
  • Large-scale numerical linear algebra
  • Monte Carlo methods, Molecular dynamics, Brownian dynamics
  • Numerical approximation methods

30% Exam 1: Thurs. Feb. 16 (in class)
30% Exam 2: Thurs. March 29 (in class)
30% Exam 3: Thurs. May 3, 11:30 am (exam week)
10% Class Participation

Project Option: If you choose to do a project, then your lowest grade on the exams will be replaced if your project grade is higher. Project reports are due April 30.

Exams are open-notes, but no books.


There is no textbook for this course.


Edmond Chow
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