Access to the chaos repository at the server



First, please make sure you really need CVS access and can't get by with downloading released source and binary images.  You need CVS access if you are going to make changes to chaos projects and commit those changes so that they become part of the project.  You may also need cvs access if you are working on the bleeding edge of development and so need rapid updates/bug fixes.  You don't need CVS access to use the stable, pre-built libraries on CoC machines (in /users/c/chaos/<ARCH>/{lib,include,bin}, or to build your own stable versions at home.

Getting access

If you determine that you need access, you must have an account on the CVS server.  Greg will set one up for you if you send him a desired username and an encrypted password acceptable to cvspasswd.  cvspasswd uses the same algorithm as apache htpasswd, so you can use handy web pages like: or to encrypt your choosen password.  (It isn't wise to use your regular CoC password or anything else you want to keep secure, particularly if you use the same username on CVS as your CoC account.  The CVS login protocols don't have any failsafes that prevent brute force attack, so it is potentially more easily broken.  It's better if it being broken just means that someone can mess up CVS, not leverage their way to rootkit CoC servers.)

Once the account is setup

You should use a CVSROOT of the form:
Where username is the the name of your account.  You should be able to do "cvs login", specifying the password you used to generate the previous encrypted version.  If that succeeds, you can proceed with normal CVS operations.